2021 U14/U16 OCUP Conditioning Program

We believe in connecting like-minded athletes across the province and are adapting the program to work within our current constraints and bring value to your training and season preparation.  In 2020 a similar program was operated for U16’s and results showed on the snow with better conditioned and prepared athletes.  The concept has been expanded to U14’s for 2021 so more athletes can focus on their off-season conditioning for the winter racing season.  Starting a structured, alpine ski specific, off season conditioning program earlier in an athlete’s athletic pathway will result in more fun and achievement on snow.

The 2021 program will offer the following and will be available for all athletes born 2009-2006:

  • A periodized fitness program running from mid-May through mid-November. The program will include the program handout including links to videos for each exercise, bi-weekly Zoom workouts, fitness benchmarking, fitness testing protocol and a discount for individual programming and workouts with Active Life Conditioning.
  • Access to in person conditioning camps in the summer facilitated by Active Life Conditioning in Collingwood – all subject to public health regulations and protocols.  This is an additional fee and registration is now open.  Register here.
  • On-line webinars with Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario practitioners including sports psychology, nutrition and exercise physiology.
  • Leadership from AOA Athletics staff and exposure to Ontario Ski Team coaches and athletes
  • Access to summer school credit to take the pressure of school in the winter season

This program is open for registration now and the program will begin mid-May.  The first month of the program will be weekly Zoom workouts to solidify safe technique and live demonstration of the program movements by the lead trainer at Active Life Conditioning.  Zoom workouts will be bi-weekly July onwards on Wednesday afternoons.

Cost of this program is $475 plus HST and click here to register.

Please note: You must be an AOA member to register and participate in this program.  Participants will have to register for next season 2021-22 come the new 2021-22 registration cycle, starting July 1, 2021 as well.  U16 athletes will need to register and participate in the U16 OCUP Conditioning Program to be considered for the U16 High Performance Program.

The zoom workouts will start May 18/19 with Rob at Active Life Conditioning for the next 5 weeks.  The zoom links will be sent out on Mondays for that weeks workouts.  U14 starts Tues May 18 6:30pm and U16 starts Wed May 19 6:45pm.  The workouts will continue weekly until June 15/16.  Then a few times per month in July and August and then again with more frequency in the fall.

As far as the equipment you do not need to have everything right away – any mix or a combination will do for the beginning of the program, however, these equipment add-ons will greatly benefit the program outcomes.  To prepare for the start of workouts next week you will require the following:

  • Enough space to freely move around to perform small setup agility drills and a ceiling high enough that some jumping can be performed
  • Varying weights of dumbbell’s or kettlebell’s ranging from light-moderately heavy (10-40lbs, pairs if possible)
  • Yoga Mat or other soft/cushioned surface for ground based exercises
  • Resistance Band Pack – varying tensions – click here for example
  • Bodyweight Rowing/Pull-Up Option – Parallel Bars, TRX, Gymnastics Rings etc. – click here for example

If you have any questions about the program please contact Robyn at [email protected]