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In a continued and sustained effort to deliver world-leading NCCP coach education and certification, and to recognize the high standards of coach evaluation that has been a standard in our program, Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA), in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), will be transferring all Certified Level 3 coaches to Certified Performance Level Coach status by December 31, 2017.

As part of this transfer, the following requirements must be met by all coaches to maintain their PL Certified status:

Within two years (by December 31, 2019) coaches must:

  • Complete Make Ethical Decisions (MED) training and complete the online evaluation;
  • Complete one of the two competition development modules and the accompanying online evaluation:
    • Leading Drug-Free Sport
    • Managing Conflict
  • Accumulate 30 Professional Development points (NCCP) on a 5-year cycle, which can be attained through the accumulation of;
    • 1 Risk Management Credit each year required by Alpine Canada Alpin Coach Education
    • 4 Professional Development credits each year required by Alpine Canada Alpin Coach Education
  • Complete licensing requirements as per Alpine Canada Alpin

** Note:
Level 3 Certified equates to an individual who has completed Level 3 Theory, Level 3 Practical, and Level 3 Technical components. Coaches who are missing any of the components are not eligible for transfer to Performance Level Certified; they will remain at their current level at Performance Level In-Training (on their NCCP profile) and will need to complete the new pathway components and evaluations to become PL Certified.


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