Last month, the provincial Technical Directors and representatives from Alpine Canada Alpin collaborated on reviewing material for coaching courses, discussed the content of the new LTAD document and participated in an NCCP core training module for coach evaluators.

The meetings took place in Collingwood where Dusan Grasic & Jenni Stielow from Alpine Canada led the discussions for 4 days at the Georgian Peaks Ski Club. Indoor technical presentations for the EL, DL and PL courses were reviewed and allowed all provinces to participate in forming an alpine skiing technical philosophy moving forward.

The meetings also allowed these coaches to spend time with Neale Gillespie from the Coaches Association of Canada who lead the Core Training module and participated in all meetings. Neal’s sport portfolio at CAC includes Alpine Skiing along with 9 other sports. Neal also spent time with the group bringing them up to speed on the NCCP and its Coach Developer pathway.

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Finally, this was a great occasion for the coaching experts from each province to discuss the current challenges and strengths of each region and to collaborate on making us stronger as a nation in athlete and coach development.

Ontario was well represented at these meetings by:
Kip Harrington/ Ontario Ski Team Head Coach and Program Director
Graeme Buckrell/ Ontario U16 Athletic Committee representative/Head Coach Osler
Jacques Reid/ Ontario U14 Athletic Committee representative/U14-16 Extended Program Director, Craigleith Ski Club

Submitted by Jacques Reid. Coaches with questions are encourage to reach out to Kip, Graeme or Jacques. Contact details for all are listed on the AOA Athletic Committee webpage here>>

Posted July 20, 2017


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