The U18/U21 Racing Program caters to racers aged 16 & 20 (non FIS carded athletes) and replaces the former J age program.



The U18+ age program is aimed at providing athletes, aged 16 years or older with programming based on the ACA LTSD Learn to Race phase and progressing to the Train to Race and Train to Win phases of the ACA LTSD. The U18+ age group provides the most diversity for an athlete to compete. U18+ is the age where not only can an athlete ski race domestically within Canada but can also register as an international athlete with the International Ski Federation (FIS). AOA/SOD operate 2 separate racing programs based on the Athlete Registration (NATIONAL or FIS). With a National Card, athletes may only ski in events sanctioned by ACA however FIS carded athletes can ski in both FIS and ACA sanctioned events.

At this level, athlete performance becomes a strong focus of the competitions; while the development of strong skiing skills remains a crucial element of the program.

Athletes may ski SL, GS, Speed (DH and Super G) and Ski Cross either in competition or at skills camps dependent on registration.

Any athlete that is 16+ years of age as of December 31st of the current season are eligible for the U18+ racing program.

All U18+ athletes must be registered through the AOA online registration system and have a signed waiver to compete in any events or camps.

All parents are strongly encouraged to become involved and join Alpine Ontario as general members. Parents are also encouraged to participate in an official’s certification program so that they are able to understand race formats and rules and volunteer at events. Visit the officials section on the website for more details on how to get involved.


Contact your club directly for complete details on how the age groups will be operated at your club.