The U19/U21 program is aimed at providing athletes with programming based on the ACA LTSD Learn to Race phase and progressing to the Train to Race and Train to Win phases of the ACA LTSD. At this level, athlete performance becomes a strong focus of the competitions; while the development of strong skiing skills remains a crucial element of the program. Athletes may ski SL, GS, Speed (DH and Super G) and Ski Cross either in competition or at skills camps dependent on registration.

New for 2017-18 season are the following registration options:

  1. Provincial U19/U21 Registration- $320.00 (recommended for regional only racing)

Provincial Registration becomes the only registration needed to participate in all “Alpine Ski Racing” event FIS or otherwise within the province of Ontario, in any division. This is a change from years past when there was also a National Points registration ($212.50 -2016-17) whereby this registration restricted athletes to only National point events (five in 2016, & four in 2017)

The Provincial registration will allow U19/21 athletes to participate in any FIS *race in ON.  (*that is not restricted by a points quota i.e. FIS University)

  1. National U19/U21 Registration $403.00 (includes Class 3 SAIP Insurance)
  2. International U19/U21 Registration $723.00 (includes Class 2 SAIP Insurance)

The National (#2) and International (#3) registrations are only required if you are interested in participating in FIS events in other Provinces or outside of Canada.

Any athlete that is 16+ years of age as of December 31st of the current season are eligible for the U19/21 program.

All U19/21 athletes must be registered through the AOA online registration system and have a signed waiver to compete in any events or camps.  A medical evaluation is required to be signed by a doctor and a FIS declaration.  These documents once complete can be scanned and sent to AOA offices for our files.

All parents are strongly encouraged to become involved and join Alpine Ontario as general members. Parents are also encouraged to participate in an official’s certification program so that they are able to understand race formats and rules and volunteer at events. Visit the officials section on the website for more details on how to get involved.

In addition to events throughout the Province SOD has been working hard to increase the number of SOD CUP U19 events on the 2018 calendar. To date, we have six or seven SOD CUP U19 events scheduled. Additionally, AOA & SOD is working on two other opportunities;

  1. AOA is working with the Ontario Winter Games committee to showcase the U19 group at the Ontario Winter Games (OWG) Feb 28th – March 2nd  with Dual SL, Ski Cross and SL events being planned at Craigleith and Blue Mountain.
  2. SOD plans on hosting a U19/21 Event filled Spring Series that will include SL, GS and SX events.

The U19/U21 Racing Program caters to racers ages 16+ (as of December 31st of the current season).  The U19/21 age group provides the most diversity for an athlete to compete in any racing series in Ontario, on a pay as play basis (for example an athlete registers for  Provincial Registration and opts to do a few Ontario FIS races and a few National Points races, they can go back and forth between the two streams as they wish). Those 16+ racers who wish to strictly continue on in the High Performance Stream should visit the FIS RACING PROGRAM page here>>