The following training is required by all Coach Developers:

  1. Core Training: Provides Coach Developers with the skills to perform their role. For a calendar of upcoming training opportunities, please click here.
  2. Content-specific Training (sport or multi-sport): This includes micro facilitation and/or micro evaluation which give Coach Developers an opportunity to practise delivery with their peers.
  3. Co-delivery: This is a chance for the new Coach Developer to practise with real coaches alongside an experienced Coach Developer.
  4. Evaluation: Evaluation confirms that the Coach Developer is capable of certain abilities which are deemed necessary in the training of coaches.

To qualify for selection as a Coach Developer, an individual must have successfully completed the online evaluation of Make Ethical Decisions AND successfully demonstrated his or her competency by completing the relevant role-specific pathway.

Current coach developers, please review your records in the database and your NCCP Locker,, and advise us if you have completed the following:

  • NCCP Multi Sports Module – Make Ethical Decisions (MED) and on line evaluation.
  • Complete NCCP LF core training
  • Complete NCCP CE core training
  • Complete sport specific training – dates to be announced Fall 2017
    • Sport specific CE training will occur online and will be announced formally next month
    • Sport specific LF training dates will be announced next month

Please report your training record using this Google form (

We will not accept an email with your training history; please use the Google form link to report your training, facilitation and evaluation history. 

*Note there are some significant updates, so all LF’s and CE’s will be required to attend sport specific training fall of 2017. 

If you would like to facilitate or evaluate in the 2017-2018 season, please contact us at( or Jenni (


The Alpine Canada Alpin Top 10 Coach program is seeking to identify career coaches and provide them with opportunities to coach alongside World Cup legends while receiving expertise and mentorship to further their coaching career.

Coaches interested in becoming candidates can find more detailed information underneath “look for jobs” at

For questions or further details, please reach out to Dusan Grasic, Alpine Canada Domestic Director,