Welcome to the Coaches Toolbox! A new section of the AOA website to help coaches produce world-class athletes!

START READING: Coaches should ensure they are familiar with the basics before they start working with athletes. Start with the Alpine Canada Long Term Development Plan (LTAD 3.0) here. Also, visit the Coaches Association of Canada/NCCP website and Coaches Association of Ontario.

GET AOA NEWS: Coaches should ensure they SUBSCRIBE to AOA’s Newsletters including COACHES CHAT sent out monthly during the season.

LEARN THE SKILLS: U12/u14 Coaches should become familiar with the new Skills & Drills program here including the 11 “Skill Tests” they can use with their teams.

KICKSTART YOUR SEASON: Attend the Dec 5-7th Coach Education/Training Camp at Mt Ste. Louis Moonstone (Barrie, ON). See the link to the right.

AOA RESOURCES: Below are documents posted to the AOA Resource Library that pertains to coaching. Coaches should be aware of the full AOA Resource Library here>

Please visit AOA Resources Documents for full AOA Resource list

SOD Officials Report_2019
 1 file(s)  82 downloads
SODCUP May 16, 2019 Download
SOD Program Guidelines_2018-19 Season
 1 file(s)  575 downloads
SODCUP September 11, 2019 Download
Officials Report_SOD & AOA Spring Coaches Meetings_2018
 1 file(s)  14 downloads
Meetings, SODCUP November 26, 2018 Download
SOD Season in Review_SOD Spring Meeting_2018
 1 file(s)  16 downloads
Meetings, SODCUP October 24, 2018 Download
SOD Ski Team Selection Criteria_2019-20
 1 file(s)  193 downloads
FIS Racing, SODCUP June 20, 2019 Download
SOD Ski Team Athlete Handbook_2017-18
 1 file(s)  24 downloads
SODCUP December 14, 2018 Download