Below is a sample 8-day camp from the 2nd on-snow camp of the season for the Ontario Ski Team. This program is from the Mt. Hood 2018 camp that ran at the end of June.


Technical and Tactical Fundamentals, Increase volume in Gates

Technical Focus:

  • Athletic Stance and Balance
  • Lower Joint activation and coordination
  • Balance and Pressure on the outside ski at the start of the turn

Tactical Focus:

  • Travelling far enough across the hill to have room at the gate to carve

***Notes: The focus was consistent for the entire camp. There were slight variations for individual athletes (position on the skis, staying with the ski longer to finish turns, engaging the ankle at the top of the turn, adjusting tempo or intensity to speeds, etc.) but all in the context of the list above.  It is not possible to ski properly (proper position, carving the skis, generating speed) without skiing a correct line, so it is usually necessary to have a simple tactical focus while improving technique in gates.

DAY 1: Slalom

  • Unsupervised free skiing, 1 hour
  • Drills, Exercises and Technical Free Skiing 2.5 Hour


DAY 2: Slalom

  • Unsupervised free skiing, .5-1 hour
  • 10 runs in stubby sections (3 hours)
    • 15 stubbies x 6m corridor
    • 15 stubbies x 8m corridor
    • 15 stubbies x 10m corridor
    • 20 agility brushes

Stubbies with 6M Corridor

DAY 3: Slalom

  • Unsupervised free ski warm up .5-1 hour
  • 12 runs in courses (3 hours)
    • 20 stubbies x 10m corridor
    • 35 gates with 3 hairpins (hairpins set with stubbies)

35 Slalom Gates

DAY 4 & 5: Slalom

  • Unsupervised free ski warm up .5-1 hour
  • 12 runs in gates (3 hours)
    • 20 panel slalom gates x 12 m corridor
    • 35 slalom gates

20 Panel SL, 12M corridor

DAY 6: Giant Slalom

  • Supervised warm up and exercises 1 hour
  • 10 runs in gates (3 hours)
    • 10 gates x 24 m corridor
    • 15 gates x 26m corridor


  • Unsupervised free ski warm up .5-1 hours
  • 12 runs in gates (3 hours)
    • 25 gates x 26 m, big offset/round


  • Unsupervised free ski warm up .5 hours
  • 6 runs in gates (2 hours)
    • 25 gates x 26 m

26M Offset GS