The AOA Provincial Officials’ program is for volunteers interested in supporting the sport of alpine ski racing. The program provides education, certification and standards that are essential for volunteers to become Officials. With the Officials certification and practical experience, volunteers can provide race organization, officiating skills and safety requirements to match the alpine ski competitors’ performance level and the athlete’s program goals. For more information please see the Alpine Canada website

Who should take the Level 1 Officials course?

All Race Parents of course!

The Level I Alpine Officials course is an excellent introduction to the organization, rules and procedures for Alpine ski racing. It is recommended for all parents who will ever be involved helping out with races (e.g. gate judge, timer or record keeper, or even coat runners to know how the race course is organized and where you can and cannot safely go), and especially for team managers (e.g. involvement in scoring and race DSQs, and generally helping to shift burden away from coaches to let them focus on the racers on-hill). It is also a critical step to provide both the Alpine Officials and the racers access to the Canadian Snowsports Association’s comprehensive liability insurance coverage should anything unfortunate happen during the conduct of a race. It can also be a lot of fun, especially in a year that the Alpine events at the Olympics are expected to draw a lot of widespread interest and coverage.

Look to the Related Documents section to find information about the AOA courses to assist your learning requirements as a certified race official, detailed race organization information, official’s job descriptions and race forms to assist you with your race event.

Visit the ACA website to ensure you have the most up to date documentation including Alpine Rules, Course Materials, Timing, Gate Judge Materials and much much more.

Objectives of the Officials Program

  • To standardize the methods and techniques of organizing and officiating at ski races
  • To ensure that ski competitions are fair, safe and consistent with prescribed standards
  • To ensure uniformity with respect to rule interpretations
  • To ensure that required numbers of qualified Officials are available at all races.
  • To offer opportunities to anyone, anywhere to become an alpine ski Official
  • To offer opportunities, through established programs, for Officials to progress from club Officials to International Officials.
  • To establish criteria for Officials certification which reflects the current standards in racing
  • To offer recognition to Officials for their achievements
  • To offer support to Officials as they apply theory to practice i.e.: The inexperienced become experienced.

A special thank you to all Ontario officials and volunteers for adding to a program that would not exist without the dedicated time, knowledge and help of all of you.

How do I pay my annual officials dues?
On the AOA website. Please login with your username and password here.

Where do I find out when, and where the Officials Courses are?
Officials courses are listed on the Calendar on this website.

Alpine Ski Club will be hosted an Officials Update Sat Dec 2, 2017 in the afternoon.  Click on the calendar for more information.

How do I sign up for a course?

Please sign up on-line. All course fees can be applied to AOA Annual membership fees. Once you have completed your course, AOA will issue a coupon code so you can register as an official for the season and have the course fees waived on the total.

How do I request a ACA Officials course to be run at my club?
Please email your proposed date, location, time and desired course (Level 1, 2 or 3 or update) a minimum of 3 weeks prior to proposed date so we can find a facilitator.  In most cases, all ACA Officials courses are open to all and facilitators must come from outside the host club.

How do I find out what my current officials status is? Do I need to attend an update during the 2016-17 season to stay current?
Please click here for a list of those officials who have attended a course or update during the 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. If you are not listed on this document, you must take a update this season to work/volunteer on-hill at any AOA sanctioned event. An update or course must be taken every 2 seasons to stay certified.

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    Officials Resources


    FIS Officiating Forms

    Please send all the following documents to for all National Point Races within 3 days of the race.  00 RACE DOCUMENTS 2017-18

    Please send Timing and Data Technical Report to for all OCUP races within 3 days of the race.

    OCUP Forms – recommended for all division racing as well