Ski Cross
Photo: Clay Dolan

As of June 2010 Alpine Canada Alpin became the governing body for Ski Cross in Canada.

Ski Cross as a FIS discipline lies under Freestyle governance. Alpine Canada Alpin will work with the Canadian Snowsports Association (CSA) for FIS calendar, FIS cards & FIS profile management. The Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA) is very supportive of this new change and will assist in this transition period.

Domestically all membership as a ski cross member of any category is managed by Alpine Canada Alpin & the PSO’s. Control of membership & insurance requirements are the direct responsibility of ACA, the PSO’s and the clubs. As with our Alpine athletes the requirements and pathways will remain the same for Ski Cross at all levels.

In order to properly implement & support this new discipline we will align Ski Cross with our current membership structure, categories & reporting systems.

2016-17 Season
Snowboard Ontario (SO) and Alpine Ontario Alpine (AOA) have partnered to continue to develop Ski Cross in Ontario.  AOA athletes will run the same track as the Snowboard Cross athlete’s better utilizing existing terrain and race operations resources.

Bradford Lashley, AOA Technical Director, foresees this partnership as the way of the future for developing newer, smaller disciplines.  “This partnership represents the 2nd significant PSO partnerships as of late for AOA, including the U10 FUNSki Project with Freestyle Ontario (FSO) – the partnership with SO will allow both of our sports to service the development needs of all of our athletes while establishing a shared infrastructure.  We look forward to seeing Ontario’s next SX Champion this season.”

Ontario’s newly minted FIS Technical Delegate for Ski Cross, Paul Plotz, commented on the new partnership.  “I am thrilled to be part of the marriage of SO and AOA for the development of Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross in this province for the 2016/17 season. Canada has been very successful on the World Cup and in the last two Olympics with medals in both of these relatively new sports so it is exciting to be part of the development of the future stars of these two sports. We are confident that this year will mark the beginning of a partnership with a series of events that will facilitate athletic development of both skiers and snowboarders in a safe and competitive environment.”

“SO is very excited to partner with AOA to continue the growth of the Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross disciplines.” said SO President Jonathan Reid.  “This partnership will not only allow for further athlete development but will also generate interest of resort operators to development Ski and Snowboard Cross courses creating greater opportunities for our athletes to train in Ontario.”

2017 Calendar
January 13 – Training – Sir Sams
January 14 – Race  – Sir Sams
January 15 – Race – Sir Sams

February 3 – Training – Craigleith
February 4 – Race – Craigleith

February 10 – Training – Horseshoe Valley
February 11 – Race – Horseshoe Valley
Feb. 24 – Training AM – Race PM- Beaver Valley
Feb 25 – Training AM – Race PM – Beaver Valley Provincials

Registered AOA athletes, U14+, can have their clubs enter them into these races and race fees will be paid on the day to the race organizing committee.  Register for your appropriate age group program with AOA and you are eligible to be entered for these events.  Training days will be mandatory for all AOA athletes.

To register for events with Snowboard Ontario click here.   Snowboard Ontario membership is not required you will need to create a profile to register.