The Southern Ontario Division (SOD) represents 31 ski clubs in the area from Belleville to London to Peterborough with the most condensed population skiers in the Collingwood area. These racers and clubs make up over 80% of the Provincial Sport Organization of Alpine Ontario Alpin and as such offer its membership programs at the U12, U14, U16 & U19/21 level for both the SOD CUP and OCUP development streams. SOD also manages the SOD FIS Ski Team (SODT), please visit for complete details on this program including application forms.

Southern Ontario Division maintains a unique relationship with Alpine Ontario Alpin due to its stature and size of membership. SOD does not maintain its own website but uses the AOA website to host division news,  league standings, events and results. Please visit Clubs by Division for more on SOD members.

The SOD Committee:

Chair: Ron Warren (Craigleith)

Vice Chair/Race Quality: Paul Plotz (Alpine)

Officials: Jennifer Gillard (Craigleith)

Club Excellence: Jeff Jones (Craigleith)

Masters Programs: Derek Crawford (Alpine)

SOD Series Chair/Coach Education: Sarah Edwards (Mansfield)

SOD Secretary/SOD Series: vacant

SOD Team/Alumni/Brand: David Boughner (Osler)



SOD Program Guidelines_2017-18 Season
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Racing, SODCUP August 14, 2018 Download
2018-19 SOD Ski Team Selection Criteria
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FIS, Parent & Athlete Resources, SODCUP March 22, 2018 Download
SOD Training Vs. Racing Grassroots Presentation – Jeff Jones
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Racing, SODCUP May 2, 2017 Download
SOD Ski Cross Synopsis – Paul Plotz
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