The Alpine Ontario U19 High-Performance Program is designed to bring together the best U19 racers in Ontario for conditioning, training and racing. The intention is to enhance the Ontario regional, club or academy programs by offering unique and strategic Alpine Ontario opportunities. Please download the U19HPP brochure here>


• Bring U19 ski racers in Ontario together for conditioning, training, and race projects.
• Prepare Ontario skiers with the broad range of skills needed to succeed on the Ontario Ski Team, the NCAA, and the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.
• Raise the level of all U19 programs while supporting the most dedicated and talented skiers who will remain on their respective regional teams, clubs or academies.
• Provide support and resources to athletes, regional teams and clubs to create a ski racing culture of fun, physical fitness and performance.


This is a selected program conducted in April of each season. Details below pertain to the current season. Selections for the 2020-21 season will be posted in January 2020.

Graduating U16 Athletes must have achieved:
o Top 5 in one discipline or top 10 in two disciplines at U16 Nationals.
o Top 5 in two disciplines at Eastern Can-Am races.
o Outstanding performance(s) at Whistler Cup or Val D’Isere.

Current FIS Athletes (Born 2001-2002):
o Average of top 20 in two disciplines by FIS National Rank by Age (one discipline must be technical), or top 12 in one discipline.

Athletes that do not meet criteria but are close can apply in writing to AOA High-Performance director Kip Harrington with a rationale for acceptance. U21 Racers can apply and will be accepted on a case by case basis.


• Dryland Testing with individualized physical conditioning programs designed by the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (see details below) 
• Mental training and sports psychology support from Dr. Dana Sinclair .
• The creation of a yearly training plan (YTP) in collaboration with Regional FIS Coaches.
• Physio Therapy and injury prevention screening.
• Nutrition education and Concussion screening.
• Return to snow support for athletes recovering from injury.
• October training camp with the Ontario Ski Team in Europe (see OST program here).
• Possible participation in a 2020 winter European training and race project.
• Entry or Development Level Coaching certification for racers in 3rd-year FIS or older.


CSIO Toronto (Canadian Sports Institute of Ontario – Toronto) provides the Ontario Ski Team and now the U19HPP athletes with physical testing, injury prevention screening, physical conditioning program design and sports science support. The CSIO supports multiple Olympic and Development level athletes and sports. Learn more about this facility and its program here:

The U19HPP will come together for conditioning camps, and coaches will be in regular contact with the athletes to implement and monitor programs. The goal of our conditioning program is to reach elite fitness levels, including a focus on injury prevention and the general health of our athletes.

Key Conditioning dates at the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO) to include: Testing, program design, sport psychology, nutrition and injury prevention: April 27-28 / June 8-9 / July 27-28 / September 28-29


• Athletes must hold an International FIS license.
• Athletes must be a member in good standing of an Ontario alpine club within the last five seasons and possess a valid OHIP card.
• AOA will consider the eligibility of athletes who do not meet the above criteria but have established full-time residency in the province of Ontario on a case-by-case basis.
• Athletes need to be enrolled and committed to a ski racing program (i.e. regional team, club, or academy).
• Athletes need to complete on snow training in the preseason with their home program prior to on snow projects with AOA.

This program is overseen and managed by the OST Head Coach and AOA’s High-Performance Director Kip Harrington. Please contact Kip should you have any questions [email protected]