AOA Hires Kip Harrington….

kip_2017COLLINGWOOD, ON (April 18, 2017). Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is thrilled to announce today Kip Harrington will be joining the organization on May 1st as the Ontario Ski Team (OST) Program Director and Head Coach. Kip brings with him a world class resume that includes seven years leading the Ontario Ski Team; eight years with the Canadian Alpine Ski Team (CAST) and most recently, two years leading the British Ski Academy. Kip led both the Women’s OST and later the men’s OST for Alpine Ontario from 2000 to 2007. He then moved to Alpine Canada in 2007 where he remained until 2015 working with the World Cup Technical Team as its Head Coach, and at the The Prospect Team and Development Team levels. Kip is no stranger to Ontario Ski Racing having grown up in Sault Ste. Marie, he is also the step-son of Searchmont Ski Club legend Brian Mealey.

Along with Kip’s duties as OST Program Director & Head Coach he will oversee the new Alpine Ontario High Performance Committee (AOHPC) as its Chair. The AOHPC will be made up of seven individuals: four regional Head Coaches – one from each AOA division including Lake Superior Division Alpine (LSDA), Northern Ontario Division Alpine (NODA), National Capital Outaouais (NCO) and Southern Ontario Division (SOD) along with three Athletic Leads at the U14, U16 and U19 age levels. These four Athletic Leads will be coaches and represent leaders in that particular age group with proven results and coaching certifications and/or experience to support this leadership role. Interested coaches please find consultant postings here>>

This new Athletic structure, with Kip at its helm, is designed to seek out the most passionate and highly motivated individuals across the province. It will replace the current structure of having only one Athletic Director and as such AOA will not be seeking to hire an additional Athletic Director for the coming season. AOA will still maintain its structure with the OST with a Men’s and Women’s Head Coach both reporting directly to Kip.

AOA Executive Director Scott Barrett comments, “Today is an exciting day for AOA as we embark upon a new structure with Kip acting as our technical leader from the U14 level up to the Ontario Ski Team. Kip’s role will be to create the right environment, set technical direction, lead the on snow direction while motivating and guiding coaches and athletes. He will be Ontario’s leader at various major events. We plan to leverage his expertise and passion by strategically involving him at various levels of development in the organization.Barrett continues, “Our thinking is we want more heads in the game. We need the most successful coaches leading our programs at all the different age groups to help guide AOA in its continued quest to be the premiere Alpine PSO in the Country. It is a big shift moving from one Athletic Director to a committee of 7 coaches but we feel it is in the athletes’ best interest to make this change. Please join me in welcoming Kip back to AOA!”

For more information contact:
Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA):
Scott Barrett
Executive Director
705-444-5111 x 206


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