AOA Thanks Outgoing Chair of the Board and Welcomes Mike McTaggart

(November 5, 2018) Collingwood, ON — Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is pleased to announce that Michael McTaggart, a current member of the AOA Board of Directors, will succeed Peter-Paul Du Vernet as Chair of AOA. This change is consistent with AOA’s plan for a strategic succession and renewal of its Board members. After more than six years on the Board as Chair, Peter-Paul is delighted to welcome Mike to succeed him as Chair. Peter-Paul will continue to be available to support both Mike and AOA on the Board as past Chair.

Under Peter-Paul’s guidance and leadership, AOA has reorganized its structure, developed and implemented a comprehensive and dynamically evolving strategic plan, and engaged new and significant partners including the landmark multi-year arrangement with Mackenzie Investments. Peter-Paul has been a driving force for significantly improved relations and communication with the Province of Ontario and Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA), as well as providing AOA with financial stability and transparency.

Peter-Paul expressed his appreciation and thanks for the immeasurable and, too often, thankless contributions and support of the AOA Board members, the AOA Vice Chair and Treasurer David Morrison, the AOA Executive Director Scott Barrett, and the dedicated staff at AOA. Peter-Paul added that the growth and strength of what AOA has become is a tribute to the entire staff and their collective efforts.

The AGM presentations on Sunday, November 4th included:

  • Directors Report from Scott Barrett, Executive Director
  • Athletics Report from Robyn Skinner, Competition Director
  • Communications Report from Kristin Ellis, Communications Manager
  • Financial Report from David Morrison, Treasurer
  • Please find the AGM reports online here>

Perhaps most telling of Peter-Paul’s term at AOA can be depicted in the financial report presented by David Morrison on Sunday which showed the doubling of AOA’s operational budget since 2013 while administrative expenses decreased from 28% percent to 18% percent. Simply put, the organization has worked diligently on expanding its breadth of services and value to the community while being fiscally prudent and responsible along the way.

Please find the 2017-18 audited financial statements here>

On behalf of the staff at Alpine Ontario Alpin and the members of the Board of Directors, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for Peter-Paul’s time and service.


For more information contact:
Kristin Ellis
Communications Manager
Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA)
705-444-5111 x 132
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