SXS FITNESS TIPS submitted by Stefan Overgaard. Visit SXS Fitness. 

Now that most AOA athletes have completed the fall fitness testing we ask the question: how do we move forward?

The whole idea of testing is to take a ‘snapshot’ of your current fitness levels, identifying strengths and weaknesses. From there build and execute a plan focusing on those scores to increase your fitness levels, improve your performance and reduce your risk for injury.  It’s that simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy…  We highly recommend carefully going over scores and looking at what areas need improvement. Maybe it is cardiovascular, mobility, strength or power?  After identifying areas to improve upon, set goals for the next testing period.  Go through the process with your coach if you can.

Setting goals on what you would like to improve, and by how much, is a great next step. Remember when setting goals we want them to be “SMART.”


When creating your goals for the spring testing try to keep things SIMPLE as well! Don’t overcomplicate! If your lowest scores were in box jump, create a goal to get 8 more jumps for the next testing. You can also look at the testing norms and set a goal to get to the next colour (red to yellow, yellow to green) if it is attainable.

Planning and accountability are also very important factors to consider. We have all set goals with great intentions of making gains, but unless you have a plan as to how you will achieve your goal, you are far less likely to achieve it; If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail”.

Create a schedule of what you will do, and when you will complete it, in order to achieve your goal. Make sure you track your progress and set mini-goals to achieve between now and the next testing.  Back up this planning by having someone (peer, coach, parent) follow up on your progress at least once a week if possible.

Remember, testing is a tool we use to identify fitness levels, the real work is in the execution of a properly laid out fitness program.

SOD Ski Team Concludes Dryland Program at University of Toronto

November 14th, 2018  (Toronto, ON) — On Sunday members of the SOD Ski Team (SODST) and its entire staff concluded a 6-month dryland program at the University of Toronto’s Goldring Centre. This was the first program of its kind for the SOD Ski Team at the University and was led by Harrison Beeforth Senior Assistant Coach – Strength & Conditioning, University of Toronto, Varsity Blues, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, Goldring Center for High-Performance Sport.

Sunday’s workout concluded with U of T and Alpine Ontario hosting a parent information session for families from U14 to U19. The presentations spoke to Phase II of the program which is set to start next September 2019. This newly created academic program is designed for elite athletes who wish to pursue the sport of ski racing while obtaining a degree from the University.

The program is unique in that it’s not a ski team at the University but rather the offering of a high-performance athletic program designed for skiers in and around their academic and competitive schedules. Currently, there are 1,000 high-performance athletes (many Provincial and Nationally identified such as Olympian swimmer Penny Oleksiak) training at the St. George facilities. This represents the first University of its kind to offer an academic partnership to Ontario skiers such that athletes can compete on the Ontario Ski Team or Divisional FIS teams like the SOD Ski Team while also attending University.

AOA’s Executive Director Scott Barrett comments, “It’s incredibly motivating to finally – after many many years of searching – find a Canadian University open to working with our elite FIS skiers. Not only is this an academic solution, but it is also an offering to AOA from one of Canada’s most prestigious Universities. The challenge might not be how to juggle school and skiing but how to get accepted into U of T! We are working on other academic options for this reason as we speak.”

The University of Toronto notes on its website that it’s 2018 world ranking was 22nd and for the 8th year in a row is the top ranking Canadian University.*

For athletes, this program would give them access to enhanced strength, conditioning, and nutrition programs led by expert coaches, outstanding training facilities and sports medicine. It would also offer athletes assistance in the application process and academic support once accepted to the University.

For athletes and parents with further questions about this exciting new program please contact:

Scott Barrett
AOA Executive Director
705-444-5111 x206

Families of racers in the U16 and FIS level are invited to attend the upcoming information session on the SOD SKI TEAM and the University of Toronto’s High-Performance Program in alignment with Alpine Ontario.

WHEN: Sunday, November 11, 3:30 PM

University of Toronto’s (U of T) High Performance
100 Devonshire Pl,
Toronto, ON
*room location TBC


Presentations from the University of Toronto’s academic department, Scott Barrett, Executive Director of AOA and TES Hynes, SOD Program Director. The meeting will be a great opportunity to learn more about the SOD Ski Team program and AOA’s new partnership with U of T both at the secondary and post-secondary level.

The Academic information session that will illustrate Phase Two of AOA and the University of Toronto’s partnership which will commence in September 2019.  The program is designed for athletes/families wishing to continue their ski racing careers while combining a world class education provided by U of T.


U14/16 Parents,
FIS parents including the NSA, SOD and the NCO Ski Teams and of course OST athlete/families.


Please confirm your attendance to Suki Chapman 705-444-5111 x 133 or

This e-learning course is now open for registration for a fee of $15.00 CLICK HERE.

(September 21, 2017) With support from the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) and Special Olympics Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is pleased to launch today the latest in its series of National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) eLearning modules: Coaching Athletes with a Disability.

The Coaching Athletes with a Disability eLearning module provides coaches the knowledge and training to deliver quality, positive sport experiences for athletes with behavioral, intellectual, physical, and sensory disabilities. It is a beneficial resource for coaches who are new to coaching athletes with a disability. However, coaches who are already working with athletes with a disability may also find it useful.

Lorraine Lafrenière, Chief Executive Officer of the CAC, was pleased to be on-hand this morning at the International Paralympic Committee’s VISTA 2017 conference in Toronto to make the announcement.

At the CAC, our goal is to empower coaches with the right skills and knowledge to positively impact the athlete experience,” she said. “We strive to continue to improve our NCCP offerings by providing coaches quality training for the development of all Canadian athletes. Inclusivity is a fundamental principle for the NCCP, and I am proud of this collaboration in its ability to meet this goal.”

A Project Task Team comprised of representatives from various Canadian sport organizations have guided the development of the training module. Supporting today’s announcement was Karen O’Neill, CEO of the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

“We applaud the leadership and vision of the CAC to enhance the level of coaching for Parasport with the launch of this pioneering resource,” said Karen O’Neill, CEO of the Canadian Paralympic Committee. “We were delighted to collaborate on this project as we know that coaches are truly the drivers of quality sport experiences for athletes. We are very encouraged that this resource will be able to train more coaches to mentor and coach Para-athletes into the future, helping create positive and inclusive sport experiences on and off the field of play.”

For Special Olympics Canada, the Coaching Athletes with a Disability module is a welcome addition to the NCCP.

Special Olympics Canada congratulates the CAC for spearheading this initiative. We were thrilled to be part of this collaboration and believe the Coaching Athletes with a Disability module is an important resource for advancing a more inclusive sport in Canada. It is a welcome addition for all coaches and a terrific entry point to SOC’s NCCP workshops for those coaches interested in additional training specific to working with athletes with an intellectual disability,” said Sharon Bollenbach, CEO of Special Olympics Canada.

Coaching Athletes with a Disability training will provide coaches the ability to:

  • Explain the benefits of sport participation for persons with a disability;
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully with, and regards to, persons with a disability;
  • Design positive, safe, and inclusive sport experiences for persons with a disability; and
  • Consider next steps in their professional development related to coaching persons with a disability.

To enroll today, CLICK HERE.


About the NCCP

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is the CAC’s flagship program and has been recognized as a world-leading coach education program. It is currently the largest adult continuing education program in Canada. The Coaching Association of Canada is committed to ensuring that all coaches receive training based on best practices in instructional design, ethical decision‐making, and with relevant content, which leads to the development of competent coaches. The NCCP is designed in collaboration with 65 National Sport Organizations (NSOs) in Canada and the 13 recognized provincial and territorial coaching representatives.

(November 5, 2018) Collingwood, ON — Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is pleased to announce that Michael McTaggart, a current member of the AOA Board of Directors, will succeed Peter-Paul Du Vernet as Chair of AOA. This change is consistent with AOA’s plan for a strategic succession and renewal of its Board members. After more than six years on the Board as Chair, Peter-Paul is delighted to welcome Mike to succeed him as Chair. Peter-Paul will continue to be available to support both Mike and AOA on the Board as past Chair.

Under Peter-Paul’s guidance and leadership, AOA has reorganized its structure, developed and implemented a comprehensive and dynamically evolving strategic plan, and engaged new and significant partners including the landmark multi-year arrangement with Mackenzie Investments. Peter-Paul has been a driving force for significantly improved relations and communication with the Province of Ontario and Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA), as well as providing AOA with financial stability and transparency.

Peter-Paul expressed his appreciation and thanks for the immeasurable and, too often, thankless contributions and support of the AOA Board members, the AOA Vice Chair and Treasurer David Morrison, the AOA Executive Director Scott Barrett, and the dedicated staff at AOA. Peter-Paul added that the growth and strength of what AOA has become is a tribute to the entire staff and their collective efforts.

The AGM presentations on Sunday, November 4th included:

  • Directors Report from Scott Barrett, Executive Director
  • Athletics Report from Robyn Skinner, Competition Director
  • Communications Report from Kristin Ellis, Communications Manager
  • Financial Report from David Morrison, Treasurer
  • Please find the AGM reports online here>

Perhaps most telling of Peter-Paul’s term at AOA can be depicted in the financial report presented by David Morrison on Sunday which showed the doubling of AOA’s operational budget since 2013 while administrative expenses decreased from 28% percent to 18% percent. Simply put, the organization has worked diligently on expanding its breadth of services and value to the community while being fiscally prudent and responsible along the way.

Please find the 2017-18 audited financial statements here>

On behalf of the staff at Alpine Ontario Alpin and the members of the Board of Directors, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for Peter-Paul’s time and service.


For more information contact:
Kristin Ellis
Communications Manager
Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA)
705-444-5111 x 132

(November 5, 2018) Collingwood, ON — Thank you to the 100+ who attended this weekend’s 2018 Fall Coaches Conference at the Caledon Ski Club. All four AOA Divisions were represented including a team of nine coaches from the Calabogie Peaks Ski Club and five coaches from Thunder Bay!!

The weekend kicked off Saturday morning with headliner Dr. Amanda Visek speaking to her research on FUN MAPS at George Washington University. Her 3-hour presentation captured the full attention of all those in the room. Her findings identified 11 FUN FACTORS as expressed by both competitive and recreational athletes ranging in age from U10 to U19. Most interesting is her findings was that regardless of age, or athletic stream, the 300+ athletes surveyed identified the following three factors in determining FUN & ENJOYMENT IN SPORTS:

  1. Trying hard and giving it your best
  2. Positive Team Dynamics
  3. Positive Coaching

Coaches of all levels and experience are encouraged to listen to her 30-minute podcast presentation here>

Other themes throughout the weekend included Player Development from the U10 through to the Ontario Ski Team; Athlete Retention; Fitness Standards; Sports Simplicity; Parent Education and of course Coach Education. Two members of the Alpine Canada Alpin team made presentations – Jenni Stielow, ACA Senior Manager, Coach Education spoke at length on the soon to be released LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) Plan and Vania Grandi, President, and CEO of ACA, spoke on Sunday about the past, present, and future of ACA affairs. Vania was brutally honest in speaking about her experiences at the Olympics, Respect in Sport initiatives and the way forward including improved cooperation in building a strong skiing nation.

AOA would like to thank the following contributors to this year’s Coaches Conference:


  • Dr. Amanda Visek and Heather Mannix – Fun Maps
  • Jenni Stielow – ACA Senior Manager, Coach Education
  • Vania Grandi – President and CEO of ACA
  • Nate Morris — Masters of Kinesiology, CSI Calgary
  • Stefan Overgaard — SXS Fitness Owner and Trainer


  • Kip Harrington – OST program director
  • Bennett Carter – U12 and SX consultant
  • Jacques Reid – U14 Consultant
  • Graeme Buckrell – U16 Consultant
  • Gwen Binsfeld – Para program manager
  • Nathalene Hagar – Officials Chair


  • Sporting Life and World Cup Supply for the great Apres
  • Karson Benn, Jen Swan, and staff from Caledon Ski Club
  • Jonathon and Maritzia — SUL IRMAOS   SMOKEHOUSE Food Truck

Lastly, thank you to AOA Competition Director, Robyn Skinner for working tirelessly with the AOA Athletic Committee members leading up to the weekend and to AOA’s Manager of Partnerships & Events Bill Reeves, for spearheading the organization of the entire event.

Copies of the presentations will be posted to the AOA Resources/COACHING section later this week.



For more information contact:
Kristin Ellis
Communications Manager
Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA)
705-444-5111 x 132

COLLINGWOOD, ON (November 1st, 2018). On behalf of our 40 member clubs and four Ontario Divisions – Lake Superior, Northern Ontario, National Capital, and Southern Ontario  – Alpine Ontario Alpin would like to congratulate the following seven athletes on their selection to the Ontario Ski Team (OST).

Camryn Metzger (1999), Georgian Peaks Club, Thornbury – 4th year on the Team
Brianna Macdonald (1999), Osler Bluff Ski Club, Toronto – 2nd year on the Team
Emma Williamson (2001), Alpine Ski Club, Brantford – 1st year on the Team
Ashley Campbell (2002), Georgian Peaks, Huntsville – 1st year on the Team

Sam Duff (2000), Calabogie Peaks Racing Club, Pembroke – 2nd year on the Team
Aaron Puskas (2001), Norwesters Alpine Ski Club, Thunder Bay – 1st year on the Team
Britton Quirk (2000), National Capital Outaouais Ski Team, Ottawa- 1st year on the Team


The 2018-19 OST is led by Kip Harrington, the Head Coach and Program Director, Katie Twible, the Women’s Head Coach and Cam McKenzie, the Men’s Head Coach. Support staff includes Dr. Dana Sinclair, Mental Training and Sports Psychologist, the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO) for sports science and conditioning, Totem Wellness for physiotherapy and Dr. Matt DiStefano for medical support.

Kip comments on the 2018-19 Team, “We are extremely proud of this team and their hard work throughout the training period. They will be training in Colorado before their first races a little over a month from now. We have a lot of work to do but this is a talented group and we will do everything we can to support them and help them achieve success. We look forward to the race season!

The OST is one of the main properties of AOA with coaches, office staff and support practitioners working directly with the team throughout the year. Since its inception in 1977, the OST has been a leader in ski racing development in Ontario, Canada, and the world. Many graduates of the OST have continued to race and achieve international success as part of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team (CAST) and/or on the NCAA circuit at some of the most prestigious schools in the United States including; Dartmouth College, Harvard, The University of Vermont and Denver University.

The team has already spent about 45 days on snow during the pre-season preparatory phase (Mammoth CA, Mt Hood OR, El Colorado Chile, Wittenburg Germany, Hintertux Austria). The competition phase which will kick off in early December and will include 40-45 race starts in all disciplines with stops at Copper Mtn CO, Lake Louise, Panorama, Norquay, Collingwood, Quebec, and Eastern US) along with an additional 35-45 days of training.

To see the team in action we encourage readers to attend the Ladies Nor-Am Cup in Collingwood, January 2-6th or the Men’s Nor-Am Cup in the Ottawa area, January 3-7th at Camp Fortune and Mont Ste. Marie. FULL SCHEDULE HERE>

The Ontario Ski Team would not be possible without continued support from the following AOA partners including Mackenzie Investments, The Province of Ontario, Sporting Life, Stratum and Hello Fresh. Please join Alpine Ontario in congratulating these talented athletes along with their ski clubs and coaches.




For more information contact:
Kristin Ellis
Communications Manager
Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA)
705-444-5111 x 132


COLLINGWOOD, ON (November 1st, 2018). This December, eight Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) U16 athletes will travel to Panorama, B.C. to participate in the week-long Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) Rising Stars Camp. The ACA led project will run for six days and includes a total of 40 athletes from across the country including Atlantic Provinces, Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. A mix of both first-year U16 (2004 born) and second-year U16 (2003) were selected by AOA based on results from the 2018 U16 OCUP FINALS in Calabogie, Ottawa.

Abbygail Byers            2004    Devil’s Glen Country Club
Tessa   Foote               2003    National Ski Academy
Emma Gosselin          2003    Osler Bluff Ski Club – qualified but not attending
Sarah Graham             2003    Georgian Peaks Ski Club
Frances Macgregor    2003    Norwesters Alpine Ski Club
Andreea Nicolici         2004    Camp Fortune Ski Club – qualified but not attending
Lily Sewell                   2004    National Ski Academy – qualified but not attending
Maxine Van Strien      2004    Green Mountain Valley School– qualified but not attending

Kyle Blandford              2003    Georgian Peaks Ski Club
Christopher Burnes     2003    Craigleith Ski Club
Aleksas Valadka          2003    Georgian Peaks Ski Club
Ben Weingust              2004    Craigleith Ski Club

Melissa Vistoli, Devil’s Glen Country Club
Brent Gazarek, Craigleith Ski Club

Robyn Skinner, AOA’s Competition Director comments, “We are excited to be supporting the ACA Rising Stars camp once again. Last year athletes and coaching staff came home incredibly motivated and inspired after an amazing on-snow experience with Canada’s best U16s. The value of meeting athletes from other provinces cannot be overlooked – they will learn on and off the hill about the meaning of being a team, and of course be exposed to Canada’s best terrain on the long, challenging slopes of Panorama.”


The group will be led by ACA staff including Jenni Stielow, Senior Manager, Coach Education, and Brien Perry Director, Sport Domestic.  The project is designed to further the athletes’ ski racing knowledge, skills, and aptitude required for continued success in the sport. On hill aspects will involve, SL, GS and SG training, combined with off snow elements including a formal dryland testing component.



For more information contact:
Kristin Ellis
Communications Manager
Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA)
705-444-5111 x 132

It was a great event on October 20-21st of fitness testing for the approximately 200+ SOD U12, U14, U16 and U19 athletes at the Toronto Track and Field Centre at York University.  Thank you to everyone for pre-registering and allowing for a smooth event.

Thank you to Stefan, Christian and Nadine Overgaard from SXS Fitness who organized the testing and ensured the testers were consistent and to the many AOA athletes, parents, and coaches who volunteered with the testing.

Look up your bib# for results.

SOD FALL fitness testing results 2018 U12 F

SOD FALL fitness testing results 2018 U12 M

SOD FALL fitness testing results 2018 U14 M

SOD FALL fitness testing results 2018 U14 F

SOD FALL fitness testing results 2018 U16 F

SOD FALL fitness testing results 2018 U16 M

SOD FALL fitness testing results 2018 U19


For more information:
Suki Chapman
SOD Program Manager
705-444-5111 x 133


Jan 2019

Course builders, Coaches, Officials come to Blue Mountain in January to receive free SX training in and around the SX World Cup January 26th.  Thank you to the World Snowsports Events Group and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for their generous support on this project.

White Industries, the Builders of World Cup and Olympic SX tracks, will be on site for the World Cup course build and will be educating clubs keen to develop and build safe terrain and environments.  The appropriate terrain is critical for athlete skill development and White Industries will share techniques to achieve this at a reduced cost and increased efficiency. Builders can increase their knowledge of layout, terrain selection, types of features and organization of tracks, and much more. Builders, shapers, coaches, and officials from all clubs and resorts are encouraged to attend to become comfortable and confident building cross tracks of all kinds.  Registration for the Builders will be free of charge.

Coaches and Officials will have the opportunity to review all aspects of SX, from course setting and safety to the environment set up and athlete management in a World Cup/Nor Am environment.  Two Ski Cross Intro to Coaching On-Snow Modules will take place, one on January 27th and one on January 28th.  Please click here to register for a coaches course.  Once the course has been completed, submit receipts to AOA to be reimbursed.

Builder and Officials courses will be added to the calendar by November 1st.

Please share this opportunity with your club/venue General Managers and operations teams!

This unique opportunity has been made available to educate all parties involved in SX training and competition to help facilitate the addition of SX on the AOA calendar now and for the future.

Please note that all coaches and officials must have the Ski Cross Intro to Coaching On-Snow Module completed and Officials must have the SX Level 1 in class and on-snow portion completed to be on snow during the Jan 30-31 U16 OCUP SX Development Camp event at Blue Mountain.  U16 OCUP athletes will be training on the de-tuned World Cup track Jan 30-31 in preparation for the Canada Winter Games and U16 Eastern Finals SX events.  U16 OCUP athletes who would like to be eligible for selection for the Canada Winter Games must participate in the Jan 30-31.

There will be no course fees for these courses and the athlete race fee will be subsidized.  Registration will be made available on the AOA website by the beginning of November.  If you have any questions, please contact Robyn at