Changing the Game Looks at ‘What is Fun? ‘

What Makes Sports Fun for Athletes of All Ages with Amanda Visek, PhD.

Fun. It is the biggest reason kids play sports and it is also the biggest reason they quit. That is widely known. What is not widely known is the fact kids define fun differently than us adults. In fact, they define fun 81 different ways. You’d be surprised at what they consider fun…click here to listen in. 

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Show Notes

8:15 How do children define fun? 81 different ways

15:00 Fun fallacies and adult errors in defining fun

23:00 USOC research reveals fun is the driving force at all ages and levels of sport

33:25 What are fun determinants of practice?

38:40 The emergence of “Not Fun” maps – 91 things that get in the way of fun

42:40 How parents can help their kids get more fun out of sport

51:25 Finding Amanda online and parting wisdom

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