Every Athlete Deserves a Great Coach!!

Not unlike most sports,  alpine skiing struggles with the retention of athletes at the U14 and U16 levels. While many factors are at play for why this happens, investing more funding into the development of our coaches is widely accepted as a strategy to help combat this trend.   Every athlete deserves a great coach and with more skilled and experienced coaches out on our hills we hope that more positive and impactful experiences will be made with our young racers which will propel them to stay in this sport longer!

“The numbers are staggering when you look at the dropout rate between players who are coached by a trained coach (5% dropout rate) and players who are not (26%). The numbers are also eye-opening when you compare the retention rate in youth soccer from age 9 to 14 (61%) as compared to USA Hockey (91%). USA Hockey clubs using their athlete development model and certifying all coaches retain nearly 50% more players than soccer clubs do!”

                                John O’Sullivan, Founder & Author of ChangingtheGame.com

The Coach Development Program details will be launched in September 2017. Please stay tuned here for the exciting details on how your club can improve its Coach Development this season!