Getting to know John O’Sullivan

AOA announced this past spring guest speaker John O’Sullivan, founder of Changing the Game, will be the headliner at the Fall AOA Conferences taking place in Toronto. In preparation for this conference, AOA will share news, articles and podcasts by O’Sullivan.

This week’s selected news item is a 50minute PodCast with Lynn Kachmarick. Lynn is the first female coach of a Men’s Division I Team in the USA and gives a fascinating interview. Her PodCast covers a range of topics and is captivating whether you are a coach, parent or sport administrator.

Some of the takeaways from the team here at AOA include:
• Ski Racing, like all competitive sports, is much more than gates and results. We can all learn more about ‘Moral Character building’
• Coaches should be teaching your kids to shake hands
• Women coaches are lacking
• High school athletes (in the US at least) are as likely to be drug & alcohol users as non-athletes (that’s a recent change from past generations where athletes were not big users)
• Sport builds emotional intelligence (and this is MORE important than technical achievements)
• We need more bullying education
• Learn to be a great teammate – as an athlete and coach
• Is bad coaching ‘bullying’?
• Know-it-all-coaches should be avoided. If you know-it-all maybe it’s time to retire.
• Learn everyday
• A coaches impact will never be neutral – you will be negative or positive but never neutral
• Recognize demanding vs. demeaning
• It’s never about the coach. Self-less vs. Selfish
• Athletes should: Have Fun – Be Respectful – Thank your coach…and maybe that goes for the coaches as well…Have Fun – Be Respectful – Thank your athletes.


About John O’Sullivan
John is the Founder of the Changing the Game Project, and author of the international bestseller Changing the Game: The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High-Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports Back to our Kids. He has nearly three decades of playing and coaching experience in youth, high school, college and professional soccer, and consults with organizations such as US Youth Soccer, USA Football, US Lacrosse, and other sports organizations across the US, Canada and Europe. John speaks to parents and coaches around the world about the issues facing today’s children, and helps organizations create collaborative environments amongst parents and coaches that help their athletes perform to their potential.
Learn more about John here

Posted July 18, 2017


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