The fees for Alpine Canada (NSO), Alpine Ontario (PSO) and the four divisions (SOD, NCD, NOD, LSDA) are outlined here 

The model for fee collection is that in addition to AOA collecting its own fees it collects from our members on behalf of Alpine Canada Alpin (the National Sport Organization – NSO) and the 4 Divisions (SOD, NOD, NCD, LSDA). Please note the SOD Cup racers also pay a $20/event race fee to AOA with 50% of this redirected back to the host ski club. These race fees are subject to HST as of 2017/18.


Why do I pay Alpine Canada? Alpine Canada provides these services:

  • CGL Insurance + any applicable insurance premium taxes


Why do I pay Alpine Ontario? Alpine Ontario provides these services:

  • Insurance as provided through the Canadian Snowsports Association;
  • Event sanctioning and organization (grass roots to elite level);
  • Camps (developmental and performance);
  •  The coordination of and access to grants, bursaries and scholarships;
  • Communications with the Ontario ski racing community;
  • Risk management resources including event capacity development;
  • Event infrastructure and capacity development;
  • Coaching Education and mentorship programs;
  • Officials training;
  • Member benefits and discounts; and,
  • Opportunity to qualify for all AOA teams including: U14/16 Can Ams, Whistler Cup and OST.
  •  Management of the Ontario Si Team (OST)

Why do I pay SOD? SOD provides these services:

  • Scheduling of regional races (grass roots to development level);
  • Scheduling of camps (developmental);
  • Communications with the regional ski racing community. AOA will make available a dedicated and exclusive Division webpage for SOD as requested, to facilitate AOA communications effectively reaching Division participants and Division communication being available to all of the Province;
  • Support Event infrastructure and capacity development;
  • Coaching Education (in alignment with the ACA assumption revision and delivery of formerly CSCF programming) and mentorship programs; and
  • Officials training.
  • SOD will continue to provide opportunities to AOA athletes in its area to qualify for all Provincial and National events including: U14/16 Can Ams, Whistler Cup, and; OST.
  • SOD shall adhere to, and shall demonstrate to AOA in such form and at such intervals as AOA may require that it is adhering to all of the requirements of the Ontario Sport Recognition Policy. Furthermore, SOD will comply with the reasonable reporting and governance requirements requested by AOA consistent at a minimum with good governance and responsible reporting and with MTCS standards.
  • SOD shall adopt, and demonstrate to AOA that is has adopted and adhered to appropriate corporate governance policies and practices including as to conflicts of interest, and financial controls, reporting and accountability, aligned with AOA and MTCS standards and as AOA may require;
  • SOD shall align with AOA on programming, partnering and reporting.
  • Management of the SOD FIS Team

Alpine Ontario sets its fees each fall after its Annual General Meeting.