Ontario Introduces Proposed Concussion Safety Legislation

Sent on behalf of McMahon, Eleanor (MTCS)

Dear partners,

I am delighted to announce that today I introduced proposed legislation to protect amateur competitive athletes by improving concussion safety on the field and at school.

The proposed Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2017, would, if passed, continue to make Ontario a national leader in concussion management and prevention by establishing mandatory requirements for:

  • Annual review of concussion awareness resources that help prevent, identify and manage concussions, which athletes, coaches, educators and parents would be required to review before registering in a sport
  • Removal-from-sport and return-to-sport protocols, to ensure that an athlete is immediately removed from sport if they are suspected of having sustained a concussion and giving them the time required to heal properly
  • A concussion code of conduct that would set out rules of behaviour to minimize concussions while playing sport.

The proposed legislation would proclaim a Rowan’s Law Day on the last Wednesday in September to promote concussion safety.

The proposed legislation would be an important first step in creating a balanced and harmonized approach to concussion management in all amateur competitive sport. I am hopeful that the proposed Rowan’s Law Bill will be the catalyst to drive a longer-term culture change for concussion management and injury prevention in amateur sport and beyond.

Ontario will also continue to work with all partners, including parents, coaches, officials and educators, on how to implement these proposed changes. If passed, we intend to consult widely to determine the specific parameters for the regulations that would support the proposed legislation.

Through increasing awareness and changing conversations on the field, at school and in our homes, we can create a world class amateur competitive sport system by empowering athletes and Ontario residents to participate safely.

For additional information please visit the following website at:  http://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/home.shtml. I also encourage you to share this information with your network on Facebook and Twitter.

All my best,


Eleanor McMahon



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