Tribute to Peter McConville

Last week was a difficult week for the AOA family with the loss of Pete McConville. In deciding how to express our sympathies to the entire McConville family including siblings, parents Marg, the late “Red”, wife Madonna and boys Charlie, Will and Luke we turned to former AOA Chair, Craig Farrow, a long-time friend of Pete, to write this tribute.
Thank you Craig.

Scott Barrett

“Last week we witnessed the passing of Peter McConville, one of the ‘great ones’ from our ski community. For those of us who knew Peter, he was an endless personality with inexhaustible reserves of optimism, kindness, humour and affinity. There was no one who ever had contact with Peter who did not walk away better for it. And nowhere was this more profoundly witnessed, than in our ski community where he was a mentor, leader and fantastic friend to so many of us. Peter will be hugely missed by us all. But consistent with the moving celebration of Peter’s life last week in London, we’ll keep his ‘great stuff’ in motion by emulating the powerful values that made him the gem he was to each of us. A mighty big ‘Cheers!’ to you Pete! Thanks for Everything you Gave Us!”

Please visit today’s Facebook post to see more wonderful photos of Pete. Thank you also to Shawn McConville for helping AOA with this tribute. 



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