Q&A with OST’s Jayden Metcalfe

By AOA Communication Manager, Kristin Ellis –
August 28th, 2019.

This interview is part of a series of Q&As with members of the Ontario Ski Team. Jayden is entering her 3rd year of FIS and her first year on the Ontario Ski Team. She grew up on the slopes of the Osler Bluff Ski Club and then moved to the National Ski Academy to complete her grade 11&12.


Q:  How is your summer?
A: Well I’m working a lot – probably 45 to 50 hours a week, but I’m up at my family cottage so I can’t complain.


Q: What kind of work is it you are doing?
A: I’m a day camp counsellor at the Ojibway Club during the day and often I work in the dining hall serving dinners so it can be long days. I also was just hired to be a gardener for the last few weeks of summer before we leave for Switzerland. I will continue working part-time this winter in Collingwood as a high school tutor.


Q: Wow this is a lot of work. The tutoring sounds amazing for your ski schedule. What level will you tutor?
A: I’m not sure just yet but likely grades 9 & 10.


Q: Does all this money go towards your skiing?
A: Oh yeah, if I didn’t work, I wouldn’t ski. I pay for it as much as I can, but I also get support from my ski club (Osler), Alpine Ontario and my grandparents as well.


Q: I’ve heard you are very academic – “brilliant” is what I’ve heard from some of your classmates. Is this true?  
A: (laughing)…Well yes, I do well in school. I finished grade 12 with a 96% average and have deferred an academic scholarship to McGill. It was hard to know what to study as I did equally well in all subjects… English, Maths, Sciences are all the same for me. I did apply to Astro Physics at most Canadian schools, but it was the B. Arts & Science program at McGill that seemed to be the best fit and I know I can continue to ski at McGill starting 2020.

Are you happy with how your season went last year?
A: Well not really. I wanted to see a bigger change in my FIS points, but it didn’t happen.  I did well – I’m not complaining, I just wanted to see more of a change.


Q: What are your goals for this season?
A: I’d like to improve my national rankings in SL/GS/SG for my age, hit the podium a bit more, make the flip in some Norms and win a race!


Q: What do you consider your main strength to be?
A: I’m a relaxed – go-with-the-flow type of person. I can take on a lot and big changes don’t really bother me. I travelled a lot with the men’s FIS team under Sami’s lead last year, so I guess this tested me. It was really fun.


Q: What about your weaknesses? What stands out here?
A: I can be stubborn. I stand my ground. I do see both sides of the situation but often a coach or teacher might not be aware that I do take it all in.


Q: How are you liking your new coach, Cam Stephen?
A: Cam is great so far. He seems to be good at accepting how I like to rephrase everything. I simply like to repeat what I’ve been told to ensure I know what they are asking of me. Cam is involved but not overbearing. I like to have my freedom as I learn.


Q: How did you like the indoor training camp in Germany?
A: Oh man that was hard! I came home covered in bruises as the surface is pure ice. It’s good for your skiing, however – you can’t hide anything technically.


Q: Last words. What is your advice to the younger skiers coming up through the system?
A: Be social, make friends wherever you go. It makes the whole sport experience more fun.