2018 Rossiter Raffle Update

(February 6, 2018) — Rossiter Raffle online tickets sales tally:
Craigleith Ski Club: 65 = $1,300
Osler Bluff Ski Club: 63 = $1,260
Chicopee Ski Club: 25 = $500
Georgian Peaks: 23 = $4606
National Ski Academy: 11 = $220
Alpine Ski Club: 6 = $120
Mansfield Ski Club:5 = $100
Caledon Ski Club:5 = $100
Toronto Ski Club: 3 – $60
Heights Skiing and Country Club: 2 = $40
Jozo Weider Ski Club: 2 = $40
Beaver Valley Ski Club: 2 = $40
Funds raised* remains at the ski club to be used specifically for Coach Development for each club. For example is coaches want to take an additional CSCF course they will have resources at their club to support the time off work and the fees involved. *less AOA raffle expenses = license & marketing fees.
Clubs also have tickets to sell in person, the above tally only represents the online sales. Just remember “Every Kid Deserves a Great Coach” and please keep promoting to your friends! Draw is on April 2nd, boat value $55,000.
If clubs have not yet signed up for the Club Excellence/Raffle program there is still time to do so. Please visit this page and start by completing your COACHING SURVEY.