Ski Cross Development Camp


Jan 2019

Course builders, Coaches, Officials come to Blue Mountain in January to receive free SX training in and around the SX World Cup January 26th.  Thank you to the World Snowsports Events Group and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for their generous support on this project.

White Industries, the Builders of World Cup and Olympic SX tracks, will be on site for the World Cup course build and will be educating clubs keen to develop and build safe terrain and environments.  The appropriate terrain is critical for athlete skill development and White Industries will share techniques to achieve this at a reduced cost and increased efficiency. Builders can increase their knowledge of layout, terrain selection, types of features and organization of tracks, and much more. Builders, shapers, coaches, and officials from all clubs and resorts are encouraged to attend to become comfortable and confident building cross tracks of all kinds.  Registration for the Builders will be free of charge.

Coaches and Officials will have the opportunity to review all aspects of SX, from course setting and safety to the environment set up and athlete management in a World Cup/Nor Am environment.  Two Ski Cross Intro to Coaching On-Snow Modules will take place, one on January 27th and one on January 28th.  Please click here to register for a coaches course.  Once the course has been completed, submit receipts to AOA to be reimbursed.

Builder and Officials courses will be added to the calendar by November 1st.

Please share this opportunity with your club/venue General Managers and operations teams!

This unique opportunity has been made available to educate all parties involved in SX training and competition to help facilitate the addition of SX on the AOA calendar now and for the future.

Please note that all coaches and officials must have the Ski Cross Intro to Coaching On-Snow Module completed and Officials must have the SX Level 1 in class and on-snow portion completed to be on snow during the Jan 30-31 U16 OCUP SX Development Camp event at Blue Mountain.  U16 OCUP athletes will be training on the de-tuned World Cup track Jan 30-31 in preparation for the Canada Winter Games and U16 Eastern Finals SX events.  U16 OCUP athletes who would like to be eligible for selection for the Canada Winter Games must participate in the Jan 30-31.

There will be no course fees for these courses and the athlete race fee will be subsidized.  Registration will be made available on the AOA website by the beginning of November.  If you have any questions, please contact Robyn at [email protected].