Calling All Athletes for Skills, Drills, & Thrills!!!

It’s been a great ski season! Now it’s time to boost our U10 & U12 overall skill level and engage in some healthy, fun competition for a chance for AOA’s top skiers to be featured on Rogers Sportsnet.

What is the point of a Skills Competition? We need to make sure the youngest AOA ski racers are developing the right skills they need to progress, like edging, balancing, and pivoting.

How does it help coaches? The events will help coaches teach young skiers all the skills they need while making it fun! Coaches will work primarily on stance and balance, which are the building blocks of making great skiers and great racers. Coaches will have access to key fundamental training priorities, including environment setting, evaluation, instruction, report cards, and tactics to prepare U10 and U12 athletes for a ski career journey.

How does it help athletes? Not only is Skills, Drills & Thrills fun, but athletes can test their skills against their peers “outside of the gates.”

How can you earn a spot on Rogers Sportsnet? The top skiers who participate in Skills, Drills & Thrills will be tested at the U12 Devil’s Glen Mastermind (March 13-14) or the U10 Muskoka Rodeo (March 15-17). Here skiers will be evaluated for the Skills, Drills & Thrills crown and profiled on Rogers Sportsnet!

What are the tests? The following 11 ‘test’ sheets are designed to be fun but challenging.

  1. Apex
  2. Free ski with pole usage
  3. Skating race
  4. Picket Fence
  5. Straight-run to sideslip
  6. Linked 360’s
  7. One ski skiing
  8. Outside ski turns
  9. Pole Jumpers
  10. Straight-Run-In-Wave-Track
  11. Side Slip Traverse