SOD Spring Summit Agenda, Saturday, May 5th

Members, coaches and administrators please join the AOA Athletic Committee next Sunday at the Caledon Ski Club -West Lodge.


8:30              Sign in / Registration
9:00              Introductions, SOD Chair Ron Warren
9:10               Scott Barrett, TES Hynes, SOD Season Review

  • Total number of athletes
  • In age
  • In program
  • Starts
  • Camps, Projects, Invitational

9:30              AOA Coach Education Consultant, Jeff Jones Club Excellence Program and Next Steps
9:45               Jenni Stielow, Senior Manager, Coach Education, Alpine Canada to review LTAD
10:00            Will Gyles, SOD Women’s Head Coach, SOD Ski Team Review
10:15             AOA U16 Athletics, Graeme Buckrell Year in Review, HP Program, Plans for Next year
10:30-10:45  Break
10:45             AOA U14 Athletics, Jacques Reid Year in Review + Plans for next season
11:15              AOA Ski Cross Consultant, Bennett Carter U12 and Terrain, SX
11:45              Paul Plotz, SOD Ski Cross Update
12:00             Dave Hopper, SOD Officials Update
12:15-13:00  LUNCH – Encouraged to bring your own, there will be a food truck on site.
13:00            Breakout sessions 10 min at each station.  List things that could be improved or you would like changed at each level.
U12, U14 SOD & O Cup, U16 SOD & O Cup, U19/21 FIS, SX
14:00            Last group will present the items on the list with a short discussion around the most important topics.
16:00            Wrap up

*Lunch will be available for purchase from SUL IRMAOS food truck – coffee/tea will be provided by AOA











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