SXS FITNESS TIP: Improve your box jump score

FIT TIPS submitted by SXS Fitness. One of the most intimidating and challenging tests in alpine fitness testing is the BOX JUMP.  It’s a very difficult and demanding test, and is also one of the most important tests for ski racers, as it simulates the energy system used in a ski race (60-90 seconds of all out effort) and the dynamic movements and athleticism that top level racers need.  Like anything else, the best way to get over the fear of the test, and more importantly, excel at it, is to practice.  I know that’s not exactly “pushing the boundaries” of creative thinking but I believe there are strategies you can deploy to make practicing more interesting.

First of all you need to set a goal.  Start with 50 jumps in 60 seconds.  Then go through the test in the standard manner (make sure you have the proper box dimensions for your age category but do NOT stop at 60 seconds,  instead, keep the clock going until you hit the 50 jumps.  Let’s say in your first try it takes 90 seconds to get 50 jumps (this might include a few ‘stops’ along the way).  The next time, see if you can get to the 50 jumps is in 85 seconds or less.  Keep trying to shave your time down by a few seconds until you reach your goal.  Once you reach it increase to 55 or 60 jumps in seconds and start the process again.

I would only do one ‘box jumping attempt’ per training day when you have relatively fresh legs. I would also not do this on back to back days.   I’d suggest trying it at least 2 x per week leading up to the testing BUT leave at least 3 days rest from box jump before the actual test date.


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