SXS Fitness Tip: T-Spine Mobility

The “T spine” refers to the thoracic spine, the 12 vertebrae of the back between the neck and lower back. This area is prone to tightness especially when we sit a lot during the day. Problems in this area can lead to pain in shoulders, shoulder blades, neck and lower back. For athletic performance decreased T spine mobility can affect the movements of the shoulders and hips leading to decreased performance, poor posture and form during exercise and injuries. Here are a couple of T spine mobility exercises you can perform EVERY DAY to create more supple movement and decrease tension in your upper and mid back:

Place foam roller under spine (you can start by rolling up and down spine a few times) then place roller just below armpits in line with chest. Keep hips on the ground, core engaged and open up over the roller. Hold for 60 seconds letting gravity slowly relax you closer to the floor. Keep your neck protected by interlacing fingers behind your head.

Start in an all fours position- hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Place right hand behind head, left elbow on the floor. Touch right elbow to floor, then reach right elbow up towards ceiling. Repeat 10 times on each side. Try to keep your hips square and think about stacking elbows on top of each other. Don’t be surprised if you can’t make it up very high????

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