U10 Juniper Jams 2016 Season Wrap Up

U10 Juniper Jams 2016 Season Wrap Up

U10 Juniper Jams 2016 Season Wrap UpBY: Andi Ciotti

Thank you to all the clubs that hosted a Juniper Jams event this past season!

Brimacombe, Beaver Valley, Devil’s Glen, The Heights of Horseshoe, Adanac and Muskoka Ski Cub
all battled extremely difficult conditions to create Juniper Jams courses that were fun, safe and challenging. Mother Nature did not make it easy to build these courses with moguls, jumps, boxes, etc, but every event was a success and they were all able to incorporate features that had combinations of freestyle and alpine racing elements.

Watching the kids start the day very tentatively and entering the features with caution, then end the day with great confidence was fantastic. They all gained increased skiing skills in both freestyle and alpine racing which, in the end, was the philosophy behind the Juniper Jams concept.

Over 500 U10 and U12 athletes took part in the events throughout the season including the Juniper Jams event at the Alpine Championships at Muskoka Ski Club. We were able to build an amazing course in Muskoka and the weather cooperated and made for a great day for all! What a great way to finish off the season!

A huge thank you to my assistant, Cory Deyell, for working so hard at all the events this past season and having such a positive influence on the children taking part in the Juniper Jams events.


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