U16 National Championships




Event: U16 Nationals

Date: February 20th-25th

Location: Loch Lomond Ski Area, 1800 Loch Lomond Road, Thunder Bay, ON

Accommodations: For Coaches and Athletes:  Rooms are blocked at two event hotels: Best Western Plus Nor’wester Hotel and Conference Centre and Victoria Inn. See website www.u16ski.ca

For parents: Rooms are available at the event hotels as well as a list of other local hotels which are listed on U16’s website:  www.u16ski.com  PSO’s will identify one point of contact and make team booking directly with Hotels.  Allocation of which teams to which hotel can be found on website at www.u16ski.com.

Race Notice: View the race notice by clicking here

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Selection Criteria


Base divisional quota per gender (PG) for U16 National championships based the following criteria;

  • All divisions have one (1) guaranteed quota spot (PG)
  • The remaining quota spots are assigned to the divisions using the previous seasons Provincial/OCUP FINALS results
  • 2 spots are reserved by AOA for discretionary purposes to be determined by AOA Athletic Committee

I.E. in 2017 ACA has assigned AOA 20 spots (PG) for the U16 National Championships


  • Each division will always receive 1 spot (PG) = 4, leaving 16 (2017) remaining spots (PG)
  • Assign these 16 spots (2017) to the divisions based on the representation of divisional athletes ranking in the top 16 (2016) Provincial Championships overall tabulation
    • Example – If from the 2016 Provincial championships overall ranking looked like this-

1-SOD, 2-NCD, 3-SOD, 4-LSDA, 5-SOD, 6-SOD, 7-NCD, 8-NOD, 9-SOD, 10-LSDA, 11-SOD, 12-SOD, 13-SOD, 14-SOD,

The Quota distribution would be as follows:

  • SOD              1+9= 12
  • LSDA            1+2= 3
  • NCD              1+2= 3
  • NOD             1+1= 2

Total Quota     = 18 (this number is relative to 2017 when the ON quota from ACA is 20 (PG)

This system:

  • Remains fluid to divisional performance
  • Adjusts to any year to year fluctuation in ACA’s assignment of Provincial Quota