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32 Ontario athletes to compete in 2017 U19 SportChek Canadian Championships
5-day competition runs March 1-5 in Nakiska, Alberta

Collingwood, ON (February 22, 2017) — Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is  pleased to announce the following 32 athletes selected to compete in the 2017 U19 SportChek Canadian Championships taking place at Nakiska, Alberta March 1ST to March 5th. Five ski teams represent these athletes including the (OST) Ontario Ski Team, (SOD) Southern Ontario Team, (NSA) National Ski Academy, (NCO) National Capital Outaouais) and Ontario athletes registered in the Vermont program (GMVS) Green Mountain Valley School.

1. Sierra Cadieux OST 2000
2. Nicole Clarke NCO/GMVS 1999
3. Emily Goodman NSA 1998
4. Sydney Mason CRG/GMVS 2000
5. Madison McVey NSA 2000
6. Camryn Metzger OST 1999
7. Asha O’Brien NSA 1999
8. Tarrah Price CRG/GMVS 1998
9. Steffi Ralph OST 2000
10. Morgan Ross NSA 1999
11. Lauren Stackhouse SOD 2000
12. Madeline Sullivan OST 2000
13. Camille Vibert OST 1999

1. Ben Cantoni SOD 1999
2. Griffin Copp OST 1999
3. Alex Duff NCO 1999
4. Sam Duff NCO 2000
5. Cameron Dymond OST 1998
6. Will Francis OSL/GMVS 2000
7. Joel Gagne NSA 2000
8. Will King SOD 2000
9. Will Kornya GP/GMVS 2000
10. Henry Luel OST 1998
11. Zachary Mayne OST 1999
12. Cam McGregor NSA 1999
13. Declan McCormack OSL/GMVS 1999
14. Joseph Mergl NSA 1998
15. Jack Norton OST 1998
16. Ian Quayle SOD 1999
17. Hunter Watson OST 1999
18. Brian Weatherall NSA 1998
19. Harrison Wood SOD 1999

These races represent the National Championships for SuperG on March 3rd and the National Jr. Championships (NJC) for Slalom and Giant Slalom. Races born in 1998, 1999 and 2000 qualify for the NJC podium.

AOA Executive Director Scott Barrett comments, “It’s a pinnacle event for the next step of racing – a very large jump from U16 as you battle your way through entry level FIS. These competitions are historic with Provincial level teams often stacked up again CAST athletes so it is an eye opener for the youngsters but also a great opportunity. One athlete we know to keep an eye on is defending NJC champion Henry Luel from The Georgian Peaks Ski Club. Luel placed 2nd in the GS and 3rd in the SL and was crowned overall National Junior Champion. Can he do it again?

Find the race schedule and results on the FIS site here https://data.fis-ski.com/alpine-skiing/calendar.html?&limit=50&bt=next&rec_start=50


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Kristin Ellis
Interim Alpine Ontario Alpin Communications


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