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Bennett Carter,
U12 & SX AOA Consultant

Bennett is a Craigleith Ski Club coach to the U12 program and a father to two young skiers.

In addition to his working duties Bennett sits on the AOA Athletic Committee and this year embarked on the ambitious task of shifting our athletic focus for the U10/U12 skiers away from gates and races to SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Bennett worked tirelessly developing a new program called Skills, Drills and Thrills for the March Break program. He put in 100s of hours on this program that will serve our skiers well next season and beyond.

Bennett is one of the most passionate coaches in our midst.

Brian Ivay,
President Calabogie Racing Ski Club

  • Brian has been a member of Calabogie for the past 4 years along with his wife Sue, and daughter Rachel (U16) and Matthew (U12)
  • Rachel started skiing at 8 and wanted to start racing 2 years later. Brian at the time did not have any knowledge of ski racing.
  • “All the way, or no way”  is his motto – nothing is half-assed in his book
  • His commitment to the sport is fueled by the community and families at the club – kids, coaches and parents are amazing – the club culture is more important than anything else.
  • They have found their winter people in ski racing
  • Energy and commitment behind the 2018 U16 OCUP Finals and 2019 U16 Eastern Finals which adds to an already strong legacy of hosting in the NCD region

Scott Hanson,
Owner & CEO Rossiter Boats

Scott is an Osler Bluff Ski Club member and parent to three ski racing boys.

Last year Scott partnered with AOA to create the Rossiter Raffle. The program was designed to raise funds to help coaches with their education. The intent was better coaches mean better racers and over the 2018 season, AOA raised $30,000 for coaches in Ontario.

This season Scott returned to AOA and took on the title sponsor of the U16 OCUP Series in addition to continuing on with the Rossiter Raffle program. The program this year is in support of AOA, NSA and Children’s Mental Health Ontario. Scott and his wife Cindy took care of all the legal and marketing details for the raffle. They have personally promoted the program at most of the U16 OCUP Races and have both the athlete’s mental and physical well being in mind in raising funds for sport.

They are true champions of our sport!

Mealey Family
Chair of Collingwood Nor Ams

John, Sue and Jake Mealey were simply fantastic ‘CHAIRS’ for the 2019 Nor Am races in Collingwood. Not only did they raise significant funds – to the tune of $40,000 which made the event a lucrative one for the athletes but they also demonstrated a BEST IN CLASS job in working very collaboratively and compassionately with AOA and the host clubs.

Three ski clubs hosted the Nor Ams and it was as seamless a race series as you could have asked for. Georgian Peaks, Osler Bluff and Alpine Ski Club worked together as one venue and this can only be attributed to the Mealey Family’s leadership and passion for the sport.

The family put in long hours leading up to the event and during the 4-day event as well. Always smiling and approachable they attracted CAST skiers and our next generation of little champions with 100s of U10s cheering on the athletes.

Never have we had so much positive feedback from our visiting FIS racers – in fact, one representative from the US Ski Team asked if we’d do this again next year. Congratulations John, Sue and Jake on raising the bar on events in Ontario.