The individuals named to CMAT have been selected from a competitive field of qualifying athletes on the national points list for Alpine Canada. Criteria for selection is participation in five races on the Canadian Masters’ national calendar, including two mandatory championship races out of the racer’s home region.

2016/2017: Age Category, Name, Province

75-79 Christa Jenkins AB
65-69 Gaylanne Phelan ON
65-69 Joy Fera BC
60-64 Sharon Chadwick ON
60-64 Irene Collins AB
55-59 Hannele Sundberg ON
40-44 Melanie Smith ON
30-34 Donya Nero AB
30-34 Victoria Fenninger ON
18-29 Jessica Nighswander ON

75-79 Michael Houde ON
70-74 Pierre Begin QC
70-74 Keith Ible AB
65-69 Adam Glodkiewicz AB
65-69 Jerry Stolarz ON
60-64 Gerry Whittaker BC
60-64 Waldek Urzedowski QC
55-59 Jim Kerr BC
55-59 Hugh Geiger AB
55-59 Vincent Renaud QC
18-29 Lauren Avery AB
50-54 Lloyd Sevack QC
45-49 Darren Gee AB
40-44 David Walker ON
40-44 Dean Smith AB
35-39 Jason Barton AB
30-34 Adam Kennedy AB

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