Program Design

The U16 age program delivers Train to Train programming for athletes aged 14 and 15, as defined in the ACA LTSD Stages of Development. U16 competition events are to be focused on the development of ski racing skills and promoting the ability to deliver performance on demand.

For Division specific programming proceed your Division website.

Athletes will ski SL, GS, Speed, Ski Cross and Dual either in competition or at skills camps.


Any child that is 14-15 years of age as of December 31st of the current season is eligible for the U16 racing program.

To participate in the 2019 U16 OCUP series, each athlete must submit a dated (between Sept 1-Dec 31) fitness testing record to AOA by Dec 31, 2018 to Please consult with your club for planned fitness testing sessions.


All U16 athletes must be registered through the AOA online registration system which includes a waiver to compete in any events or camps.

Race Parameters

* AOA strongly recommends that all athletes train and race at a development ratio of 5:1.

* ACA and AOA recommend U16 age athletes race a maximum 18 domestic technical race starts (all domestic calendared events will count as starts, including invitationals.)

* Additional AOA sanctioned invitational events may be added. The host club is to administer such events in accordance with AOA Invitational Application and Policy.

* All race events will be set in accordance to ACA/AOA sanctioned course setting rules.

Course Setting

Current course setting guidelines for U16 can be found here.

Start Lists

U16 OCUP Mid-Winter and Finals

  • Events will run gender separated (i.e. boys/girls) ideally with first and second run being held on a different set with, at minimum, a redress required between runs.
  • First run start order will be determined by a separate draw of girls and boys based on divisional seeding – NOD 2, LSDA 2, NCD 3, and SOD 8 per 15 racer seed.
  • Second run start order is determined by the result list of the first run except for the first 30 places, which shall start in reverse order (FIS ICR 621.11.1).
  • All athletes will have 2 runs.
  • e.g. Run 1 Girls (by divisional seeding), Boys (by divisional seeding).
  • e.g. Run 2 Girls (results from run 1 but flip top 30 followed by DSQ DNF DNS), Run 2 Boys (results from run 1 but flip top 30 followed by DSQ DNF DNS).

Results & Awards

  • Results will be based on official race format FIS ICR 617.3.2.
  • 1st – 3rd male and female athletes will receive medals on podium.
  • 4th – 10th male and female athletes will be recognized.
  • All athletes and coaches are expected to attend award ceremonies. Top 5 are required to attend in accordance with FIS ICR reference 205.4; clubs will be sanctioned $25 per infraction for any Top 5 athletes not in attendance.


  • All athletes must comply with the ACA National Rules & Policies * Please see the AOA Equipment Guidelines here.
  • Helmets must comply with event specific rules.
  • No Go Pro mounts and other modifications permitted * Athletes should have SL, GS specific skis in compliance with the ACA National Rules & Policies.
  • No SL chin guards on helmets at GS or Super G races.
  • No SL hand guards on poles at GS or Super G races.
  • Athletes are permitted to wear speed suits.
  • Back protector strongly recommended for speed events (size appropriate) – AOA will be considering adopting a mandatory rule for the 2019/20 season. ACA and FIS do not mandate back protectors for speed racing yet but we anticipate this will be the case for the 2019/20 season.
  • Mouth guards strongly recommended.

U16 OCUP Finals

  • Athletes attending the 2019 U16 OCUP Finals will compete in 1 SL, 1 GS, 1 SG and 1 Dual. Osler Bluff, Georgian Peaks, TSC and Craigleith will host March 11-15, 2019.
  • To participate in the 2019 U16 OCUP series each athlete must submit a dated (between Sept 1-Dec 31) fitness testing record to AOA by Dec 31, 2018. Please consult with your club for planned fitness testing sessions.
  • Clubs must enter all athletes through their Regional Division (NOD, NCD, LSDA, and SOD).
  • All divisions will send all entries to the AOA at

Graeme Buckrell & Heather Metzger are the AOA U16 Consultants. Both are active coaches at the U16 level planning and designing the AOA U16 High-Performance Program. Graeme is the Head Coach at the Osler Bluff Ski Club and Heather is the U16 Head Coach at the Georgian Peaks Ski Club.

Graeme is a Level 4 CSIA, PL Coach, EL/DL Evaluator. Heather is a Level 3 CSIA, Level 4 Certified Program Director and EL/DL Evaluator.