AOA will be hosting several coach development opportunities for the 2019-20 season whereby coaches can work with high-performance athletes and teams. These opportunities require coaches to complete an application (see link below) whereby selected coaches will work inside a high-performance team, discuss technique and tactics with lead coaches and participate in all aspects of the camp(s).  The selected coaches will help and support the lead coaches in running all aspects of the camp. AOA/SOD will cover the camp expenses and the home ski clubs will cover travel and pay the salary for the successful selected interface coaches.

Opportunities as of June 2019: 

Check back often for more opportunities as they are made available shortly.

Specific Duties

  • Setting up and maintaining daily training environments and observing how the athlete and coaches operate within a high-performance context.
  • Shooting and uploading videos.
  • Participate in daily team meetings or other activities as determined by the lead coach.


  • Performance Level Trained.
  • Interface coaches are expected to report back their findings to their home club regarding what they observed and learned during this period

Please submit your completed application online.  All applications will be reviewed by AOA’s High-Performance Director, Kip Harrington and any additional head coaches/HP Staff leading these camps. Thank you & good luck! 

Other Coach Development Upcoming Opportunities as of June 2019:

U16 Nationals Team Lead – mid-March 2020, British Columbia

U16 Eastern Finals Team Lead – end of March 2020, Quebec

U16 Europe Project Team Lead – March/April 2020

U14 Can-Am Team Lead – end of March 2020, Sugarloaf, USA

Check back for application information when available.