AOA Launches Inagural Women’s Coaching Initiative

COLLINGWOOD, ON (January 16, 2019). For the first time, ever Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is hosting an all-female coaching clinic. The program will be jointly led by Alpine Canada Alpin(ACA) and AOA for 18 selected coaches who are ready to take the next step in their coaching careers. The program will run alongside the upcoming Raymond James Nor-Am Cup, taking place from Feb. 4th to 8th in the Collingwood area. ­The Nor-Am Cup represents the official North American stepping stone to the World Cup and will include 80-100 of the best female alpine skier from across the continent and beyond.

The program will be lead by Jenni Stielow, the Senior Manager, Coach Education/ACA along with Sarah Edwards, Manager of Coach Education and Delivery/AOA.  Coaches will contribute, shadow and learn on the Nor-Am field of play across the five days of competition. The goal of the program is to create opportunities for female coaches to further develop skills and confidence alongside peers and mentors.  They will learn about all aspects of coaching at the elite level including course setting, tactics, warm up, de-brief, video review and preparation. In addition to the Nor-Am races the coaches will participate in an AOA all-girls U14 and U16 skills camp also taking place at Osler during the Nor-Am Cup. This camp will feature the Fast and Female program which is a renown program Canada-wide, designed to boost girl’s participation in sport.

Jenni Stielow from Alpine Canada comments, “It’s an honour and privilege to lead the AOA Women’s Coaching Initiative and support the development of women ski coaches in Canada. Increasing the diversity of coaches brings many benefits; mixing people with diversified backgrounds allows each member of the organization to learn and grow. When we raise the representation of influential, confident female coaches, it will strengthen the sport of skiing in Canada, and we all win.” Stielow continues, One of the outcomes of this project is to establish a solid development pathway and mentor for each participant.  The network and relationships made during this project will elevate our female coaches ability to progress, learn and succeed along their high-performance path.”

The program would not be possible without the support of title sponsor Raymond James, Fast and Female and the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) who will be delivering a workshop on Leading with Confidence during the program.

The following coaches will be participating in this program:

  • Jenni Stielow              Alpine Canada Alpin –  LEAD COACH
  • Sarah Edwards           Alpine Ontario Alpin – LEAD COACH
  • Roxanna Ameli           Caledon Ski Club
  • Meredith Bawks         Craigleith Ski Club
  • Laura Berry                 Snow Valley Ski Club
  • Sarina Daigle               Camp Fortune
  • Ally Dandy                   Milton Heights Racing Club
  • Rebecca Estoesta       Osler Bluff Ski Club
  • Paige Foxcroft            Craigleith Ski Club
  • Jenna Godbout           North Bay Ski Racing Club
  • Mary Beth Hemphill   Craigleith Ski Club
  • Tori Johnston              Alpine Ski Club
  • Shelley Johnston        Craigleith Ski Club
  • Alex Kappele               Craigleith Ski Club
  • Jenny Nighswander    Devils Glen
  • Emma Seaborn           Caledon Ski Club
  • Bryony Simpson         Beaver Valley Ski Club
  • Brianna Sims               Craigleith Ski Club
  • Julie Statler                 Craigleith Ski Club
  • Kiersten Sutherland   Chicopee Ski Club


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Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is the provincial governing body for the sport of alpine ski racing in Ontario. Alpine Ontario’s newly refined mission is to provide leadership and structure for high quality, sustainable and affordable programming and to communicate the competitive, recreational and lifestyle benefits of ski racing to the community. AOA represents four divisions, 44 member clubs and over 30,000 active athletes, coaches and officials (volunteers). AOA coordinates several successful programs across the province and continues to foster the development of “state of the art” ski-racing programs from the grass roots level to the elite level.

For more information contact:

Kristin Ellis
Communications Manager
Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA)
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