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COLLINGWOOD, ON (April 19, 2017). Thank you to the 72 individuals who participated in the recent 2017 AOA Award nomination process. Wow 72!

Awards are overseen by an impartial Awards & Bursary Committee unrelated to the staff or Board of Directors at AOA. This committee will rely primarily on the VOTES but reserves the right to ensure Awards are given to those members in good standing with their Club, Division, AOA & ACA.

The 2017 Award Nominees are listed below by category and in the order they were submitted to AOA. You may only vote once, but anyone can vote! Voting closes April 30th at midnight. The Awards will be presented at the AOA Spring Athletic Meeting, May 6th in Toronto. Good luck to the nominees!

Anthony Pacione Coach of the Year Award: Junior Category (U18-FIS)
1. Northrop Johnston, Lakehead University Ski Team
2. Taylor Martin, SOD Head Coach

Anthony Pacione Coach of the Year Award: Entry Level Category (U12-16)
1. Daniel O’Boyle Kelly, Batawa Ski Club
2. Dean Hollinger, Batawa Ski Club
3. Brian McGregor, Jozo Weider/NSA
4. Jason Sullivan, Elite Alpine Ski Cross
5. Mike Stratton, U16 Caledon Ski Club
6. Jacques Reid, U14/U16 Craigleith Ski Club
7. Wayne Howard, U16 Alpine Ski Club
8. Greg Hodges, U10 Brimacombe Ski Club
9. Katie Twible, U16 Craigleith Ski Club
10. Jason Strube, U10 Camp Fortune Ski Club
11. Victoria Fenninger, Fenninger Racing at Sir Sam’s
12. Heather Metzger, U16 Georgian Peaks Ski Club
13. Jeff Jones, U12 Craigleith Ski Club
14. Lorne Buckrell, U16 Osler Bluff Ski Club
15. Stefan Overgaard, U16 Osler Bluff Ski Club
16. Sean Fuller, U14 Jozo Weider Ski Club
17. Matt Cuccaro, U12 Calabogie Ski Club

1. Marc Nielsen, Searchmont Ski Runners
2. Geoff Hendrie, Georgian Peaks Ski Club
3. Rolf Waffler, Camp Fortune Ski Club
4. Annette McClelland, Beaver Valley Ski Club

1. Megan Miller, U14 Craigleith Ski Club
2. Ben Smegal, U16 Craigleith Ski Club
3. Aaron Puskas, U16 Norwesters Alpine Ski Club (Loch Lomond)
4. Elizabeth Sullivan, U16 Alpine Ski Club
5. Sydney Basil, U14 Alpine Ski Club

1. Roni Remme, University of Utah/Alpine Ski Club
2. Ali Nullmeyer, CAST Development Team/Georgian Peaks
3. Samantha Palter, SOD ski team/Alpine Ski Club
4. Cameron Dymond, Ontario Ski Team/Osler Bluff Ski Club

1. Suki Chapman, Osler Bluff Ski Club
2. Mike Stratton, Caledon Ski Club
3. Bebe Zoricic , Craigleith Ski Club
4. Cameron Gray, Elite Alpine Ski Cross

1. Geoff Wood, Craigleith Ski Club
2. Chuck MacNicol, Osler Bluff Ski Club
3. John Anderson, Osler Bluff Ski Club
4. Jeff Priddle, Searchmont Ski Runners
5. Jim Colquhoun, LSDA – Norwesters Alpine Club

1. Ron Warren, Craigleith Ski Club
2. Mike Shikofsky (aka Shicker), Searchmont Ski Runners
3. Dave Bradley, LSDA – Port Arthur Ski Club

The comments sent in with the nomination forms were so good we wanted to share them. As you visit each VOTE webpage you can then click on the link above to learn more about who is nominated and why. Since this is up to you who wins we encourage you to spread the news as far as you can. Take me to the VOTING page now>>


For more information contact:
Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA):
Kristin Ellis
Communications Manager
705-444-5111 x 132


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