SXS FITNESS TIP: What’s Next After Testing?

SXS FITNESS TIPS submitted by Stefan Overgaard. Visit SXS Fitness. 

Now that most AOA athletes have completed the fall fitness testing we ask the question: how do we move forward?

The whole idea of testing is to take a ‘snapshot’ of your current fitness levels, identifying strengths and weaknesses. From there build and execute a plan focusing on those scores to increase your fitness levels, improve your performance and reduce your risk for injury.  It’s that simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy…  We highly recommend carefully going over scores and looking at what areas need improvement. Maybe it is cardiovascular, mobility, strength or power?  After identifying areas to improve upon, set goals for the next testing period.  Go through the process with your coach if you can.

Setting goals on what you would like to improve, and by how much, is a great next step. Remember when setting goals we want them to be “SMART.”


When creating your goals for the spring testing try to keep things SIMPLE as well! Don’t overcomplicate! If your lowest scores were in box jump, create a goal to get 8 more jumps for the next testing. You can also look at the testing norms and set a goal to get to the next colour (red to yellow, yellow to green) if it is attainable.

Planning and accountability are also very important factors to consider. We have all set goals with great intentions of making gains, but unless you have a plan as to how you will achieve your goal, you are far less likely to achieve it; If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail”.

Create a schedule of what you will do, and when you will complete it, in order to achieve your goal. Make sure you track your progress and set mini-goals to achieve between now and the next testing.  Back up this planning by having someone (peer, coach, parent) follow up on your progress at least once a week if possible.

Remember, testing is a tool we use to identify fitness levels, the real work is in the execution of a properly laid out fitness program.


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