Event: 24th Whistler Cup –  International Race

Date: April 13th-16th, 2017

Location: Whistler Mountain, BC

U16 Team Ontario

Accommodations: Listel Hotel Whistler 4121 Village Green Whistler, British Columbia Canada


1 WS 0707 N YYZ – YVR 09APR 1040-1245 0 HK16 /E
DEP-TERMINAL 3,ARR-MAIN TERMINAL, Dur:5.05 hrs, 2076 mls Sunday
2 WS 0724 N YVR – YYZ 16APR 2235-0602 17APR 0 HK16 /E
DEP-MAIN TERMINAL,ARR-TERMINAL 3, Dur:4.27 hrs, 2076 mls Sunday


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More Details: For further information visit the Whistler Cup Website here


$775 Flight

$114.58 Transportation (to and from airport to Whistler)

$731.33 Accommodations*

$600 Race Fee (includes 5 days of lift tickets and many meals – see race notice above)

$391.66 Coach Expenses (includes lift tickets, flight, food)

$128.00 Training Lift tickets

$200 Food and Misc expenses

*expenses include a portion of coaches expenses

$2000 deposit is due by March 31st.  Athletes will need to accept nominations by Monday March 27 at 12noon.  Team agreement and payments are due by March 31st.

Coaches for Team Ontario will be Katie Twible, Mike Byrne, Jurg Gfeller and Martin Rog.  Team Canada coach will be Wayne Howard.

Whistler Cup – U16 Team Canada

Beginning in 2005, ACA introduced a training camp for the Top U16s prior to the races of the Whistler Cup.

Provincial Quota for Sierra Wireless Whistler Cup           

Ontario U16 Quota:    12 athletes – 6 male/ 6 female

*** the number of spots for Whistler Cup available from the Eastern U16 Can Am for Team Ontario may increase if athletes that obtained automatic spots from the Ontario U16 Championships are selected to Team Canada. Ontario will send two (2) teams to Whistler Cup – Total of 12 – (6 female and 6 male athletes)

Team Ontario – AOA U16 Selection:

  • Selection for the first six spots (3 male and 3 female) will be based on the Provincial Championships Can Am qualification results. The Top 3 male and top 3 female qualifiers for Can Am will automatically qualify for WHISTLER CUP.
  • For the remaining 6 Ontario spots, three (3) male and three (3) female, the following will be used:
  • Whistler Cup Selection for Team Ontario will be based on Eastern U16 Can Am – Racers total points will be based on Best SL combined result, Best GS combined result and best other result. Point calculation will be based on World Cup 100 point system per race.
  • Should any of these athletes earn a spot on Team Canada at the U16 Can Ams – they will free up a spot for the athlete that qualifies next.
  • Seeding will be primarily based on results from U16 Can Am and may vary for each event.                                                

Team Canada ACA U16 Selection:   To be confirmed and published once finalized by ACA.

Selection Criteria for the Team Canada 1, 2 and 3

Whistler Cup Preparation Camp


Policies and Procedures for Selection

  • All coaches should inform their athletes and parents at the start of the season the following protocol: any appeals of a committee decision, any questioning of the selection guidelines or criteria, any discrepancies or questions related to any selection process must come from the athlete’s delegate coach to the AOA office. The coach will be the main representative of the athlete in question. Only appeals from the athlete’s delegate coach will be considered.
  • The coach of any athlete who fails to compete in any competition for any compelling reason must inform the Athletic Committee immediately. The reason must be documented very clearly, so all are aware well before any selection or discretion is put forth. Examples may include injury, sickness, serious family or personal issues etc.
  • All athletes must sign and complete the standard Provincial Athlete Agreement and medical consent form before going on any overnight trip away from the Division.
  • After any selection a list will be posted on the AOA website Individual members of the committee will report directly to their club designate after the meeting.
  • All entries have to be made to AOA 14 days prior to the competition by their clubs designate.
  • All clubs will have 24 hours after being notified to appeal a decision in writing from the Head Coach to the Chair of the Athletic Committee.
  • All coaches taking part in the above races will travel at the expense of their own clubs, but are required to take part in all team meetings and must assist the Team Captain in any way he/she deems appropriate.
  • Any coach or athlete representative that is not present at a selection meeting, after given fair prior notice, may result in the removal of the athlete from the selection process (the final decision will be based on committee discretion). It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that they are getting the information on a regular basis.

Policy regarding taking athlete above full quota situation:

  • An alternate list of five (5) athletes will be made. If the program these athletes are associated with wants to take them, it is their preference, but they would be entered in the order that they come up on the list.
  • No exceptions to this policy will be tolerated. It must be adopted by all, and leadership must be taken from the Committee.

Team Ontario – U14 Criteria

ALPINE ONTARIO ALPIN (AOA) WILL ENTER TWO “Team Ontario” entries based on top six (6) male and top six (6) female athletes from the U14 OCUP Finals (Can Am QUALIFICATION LIST). This entry will be in name only as AOA will not manage these athletes and these athletes will remain with their club program. This will allow clubs to expand the opportunity for entry to U14 Whistler Cup.


***All AOA registered athletes (as of March 1, 2017) regardless of program (i.e. USA academy) will be considered an Ontario athlete for selection to Whistler Cup and can qualify for Team Canada or Team Ontario from the Eastern CanAm event.